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8 Hours Complete Course WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2023

8 Hours Complete Course WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2023
This course is designed to teach you the basics of WordPress so that you can start building your own website with WordPress. You will learn how to install WordPress and set up a website. You will learn how to create pages and post content, and you will also learn how to install plugins and themes.
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00:00:00 Welcome to the course
00:02:58 VS
00:07:42 What is Wordpress
00:10:37 How Much WordPress cost
00:11:27 Damain name
00:12:08 Web Hosting
00:15:19 Install Wordpress
00:19:03 Install Wordpress locally
00:26:05 Install Wordpress on web hosting
00:42:46 Interface Overview
00:49:29 Manage post & Page
00:57:13 Library
01:00:21 Comments
01:02:28 Change theme
01:07:23 Overview plugins
01:14:34 WP default Content
01:16:15 Navigation Interface
01:20:25 Dashboard Nav. Menu
01:22:30 Dashboard Page Customize
01:24:59 Managing Post
01:29:58 Managing Page
01:32:43 Managing Media library
01:35:52 Managing Comments
01:37:58 Overview Themes
01:43:20 Overview Plugins
01:51:58 Overview Users
01:56:30 Overview Genaral Settings
02:00:23 Wrinting Setings
02:04:32 Discussion Setting
02:08:05 Media Settings
02:11:44 Permerlinks Structure
02:15:27 Privacy settings
02:17:09 Managing Users
02:23:26 Start Managing Post
02:52:24 Tips And Tricks
02:58:51 WordPress Default Themes


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