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History of saltanat e usmania | Rise and Fall of Ottoman Empire | Khilafat e Usmania in urdu/Hindi



is the word for republic in theArabic language, Loanwords representing Variations of the term also Exist in other Language Families, EspeciallyTurkic,
States known officially asJumhuriyyah,


Republic ofTurkey:Turkish”Turkiye Cumhuriyeti: (1923)

Caliphats Usmania

Thecaliphateof the Ottoman Empire(Ottoman Turkish,romanized, Hilafet makamı,lit. ’office of the caliphate’ was the claim of the Heads of the TurkishOttoman Dynastyto be the Caliphs ofIslamin thelate medievaland theearly modern era,
During the period of Ottoman Expansion, Ottoman rulers claimed caliphal authority after the conquest ofMamluk Egyptby SultanSelim Iin 1517,
Which bestowed the title ofDefender of the Holy CitiesofMeccaandMedinaupon him and strengthened the Ottoman Claim to Caliphate in theMuslim world.

Mehmed VI Vahideddin

Also known asSahbaba
among theOsmanoglu family, Was the36th and last Sultanof theOttoman Empire, Reigning from 4 July 1918 until 1 November 1922, When theOttoman Empire was Dissolved After World War Iand Replaced by theRepublic of Turkeyon 29 October 1923.



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