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How to Trace Mobile Numbers In Pakistan With Current Location | Urdu Inbox

 The first step should be to check how many mobile SIMs are issued on your Computerized National Identity Document. 

To verify this, just write your ID card number in a message and send it to 668, in a few seconds you will receive the details on how many SIMs are registered on which cellular network.

How to find Detailed Cnic

The other step requires submitting your CNIC number to specific codes for each mobile network and you will receive the details of how many numbers are registered to your CNIC number and what those mobile numbers are. 

In this app you can check any pakistani phone number details free with picture you can also check any cnic number information with name and address this is amazing people tracker tool app but some options not working .

How to Trace Mobile Numbers In Pakistan With Current Location | Urdu Inbox
How to Trace Mobile Numbers In Pakistan With Current Location | Urdu Inbox

how to find detailed sim
track mobile numbers

So, especially those cell phone users who purchased during 2005-2010 (as there was no particular SIM registration method available at that time) can simply know the name of the owner of their prepaid or postpaid SIM from any network. 

SimsPK exclusively provides its readers with the information on how to verify and find out the name of the SIM card owner. 

Therefore, please read the following passage to have a quick look at the easy method to check SIM card owner name on Warid/Glow, Zong, Ufone, Telenor Talkshawk/djuice and Mobilink Jazz. 

It is worth mentioning here that the service for finding out the name of the owner of the SIM card of any network is absolutely free.

How to Trace Mobile Numbers In Pakistan With Current Location | Urdu Inbox

Download Nadra Apk Database

Person Tracker Toolkit once you want a person tracker with mobile number in Pakistan. Our tech and instinctive people phone tracker will allow you to find mobile phone location by number quickly and simply in Pakistan Mobile Number People Tracker Apk. 

I like that you can monitor and find someone to take care of or find your lost or stolen phone number. It is really an excellent free cell number tracking tool that could be of great use to you personally in many cases. 

Download it today for free and find someone with the best device locator and Pakistani people trackers.


how to track mobile with current location

Person Tracker Toolkit Apk Free Download for Android. AQ Tracker Apk app is a person tracking app. This application is extremely basic and easy to use.

 In the Pak Toolkit Android app, you can think of the name and address of some obscure number in Pakistan. 

This app is helpful to save your guy from cheater and blackmailer. Now you can know about the total details of any obscure versatile number in Pakistan. This app is easy to understand app.

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