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How to use YouTube Studio | YouTube Creator Studio | How to use YouTube Creator Studio | YT Studio

How to use YouTube Studio | YouTube Creator Studio | How to use YouTube Creator Studio | YT Studio

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How to use YouTube Studio

How to use YouTube Studio

how to use youtube studio editor

Hello friends! in this video tutorial your will about youtube creator studio. Recently youtube updated creator studio beta and add more new option in yt studio.

 In this video we will discuss complete options of yt studio and you will also known how many yt studio is effective for creates. 

How to use YouTube Creator Studio  
How to use YouTube Studio 
YT Studio

how to use youtube studio on ipad

YouTube Creator Studio  

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I am seven days old, so three waves have come. Not even watch time have come to Two forty six watch time is this subscribe anyone will be given. That you

 can do better this way. Better this way Subscribed. All their

 channels, all their ideas can work. That means it

 will be given. Okay fine. After that, ah Videos are ranking your channel . Show it to you here

 If you do, you will see that your top videos are going

 will begin. Okay fine. So friends, in today’s video we You can see that the views have come to watch time four point two There will be as many comments as will come on our videos . after this will be Their content here is views, their comments are below, likes analytics, if I click here, it will talk about the contents of the entire channel. This is the content button. Understand this dashboard.

 That’s what this dashboard is. You can see it here. After that, if you click a little bit down, you can see the scroll analytics. After that you can see how everything works for your YouTube channel.

 So we did not come to the next video in the last twenty-eight days.

 In this way, you can retweet from here, subscribe to them, and subscribe to them. Here are some ideas for you. Here we will check some ideas from YouTube. So it’s recent subscriptions. That means that the people who have this YouTube channel will be showing all the things. 

After that, comments have been shown here. If we want, we can do seven days. If you select the date from here and according to it, the current subscription of your current video will be shown here. After that, go to channel subscription is in front of you, so that’s what you have here for eight days. 

That means the last twenty-eight days. Views Channel views are coming watch time is zero point five. Subscribe one if we want to see the video of this video then for that we will click here Go Video Analytics. 

So here we have this overview, there is no subscription.

 So you will be rich and all these things will be available. So look at this, forty-six zero percent of those people have clicked on the video.

youtube desktop dashboard

 Coming to the number. There are forty six views on it. The impression click which is zero has come forty two so much seen. Forty-two seconds.

 YouTube channel will tell about it. After that, the big news related to here will be the notification that will be given to you, so this button is being shown, if we upload the video on the last, the analytics will come. This you can see. 

This is the last twenty will be shown here. So if I click on See All. So will be. Okay fine. I do not bake what is. His currents in front of you

 Subscribers are one thousand two. So the YouTube channel will be shown here, as I have uploaded all the videos that we have here, which has a copyright claim.

youtube dashboard

 So this is the show here. Out of the ten videos that he has, this is the second most viewed. 

That means that you will play this channel that I have opened in front of you and if your YouTube subscribers are one plus, then you are doing it here. on the dashboard. After that, you were told this news on the third number, so all these things are being shown here. The first one is to find the channel Dash.

 Analytical This means a new and first news dashboard. So the entire click through rate means that when someone has seen this video. These other videos, which are better in terms of views, will click here, then you will be able to upload the video. So that way you can see all the things from here. 

youtube studio monetization

If you are here, this is telling you how many videos have been viewed since the video was uploaded. So it’s right in front of you.

 Then you will find it here. In other words, if we opened more YouTube Studio, we found many features here which have subscribed to the channel. So what is a two-point board and how can we set it up? 

youtube studio download

So you will see that it will be shown here, and the ranking will be here. Today we will discuss on the dashboard that Dash YouTube Studio opens in New Type. So as I am. So I have opened a YouTube channel in front of you.

 But your twenty-one button will also appear as a post. On such YouTube channel, you will click on Live Live, if you want to record the video, if you want to play it live, then live things will start showing here. 

So click on the dashboard, channel, name, logo, name and below you will find these buttons on the board.

youtube studio desktop site chrome

 In front of the channel board you are getting this one button upload and I click on YouTube icon. It is also called logo.

 You will find the YouTube Studio button on the third number. So what is my dashboard and what settings can we do on it? In today’s video we will see what happens on YouTube Studio? 

This is how we will clear all these things.

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