I’m a Fashion Editor, and These Are My 15 Favorite Places to Shop for Clothes Online

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I hate to admit it, but even when I’m out of the office, it rarely happens that I’m completely logged out or not thinking about work. It comes with the area of ​​being a fashion editor. The smallest tasks, such as scrolling through TikTok or cleaning your closet, create a story. I always ‘shop’ in some way, shape or form, whether it means making a list of recommendations, working on styling a photo shoot, or snatching something I should have in my closet. ۔

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I’m a Fashion Editor, and These Are My 15 Favorite Places to Shop for Clothes Online

At this point in my career, I’ve also compiled a list of the best online clothing stores (IMHO), which I refer to for specific needs. In my world, deadlines are constantly rising and last-minute events pop up occasionally, so it’s never a bad idea to keep track of which fastest fashion sites, surprisingly, sell standard staples. , Or which department stores are of different sizes. You never know when you’ll have to work – or write.

Should you ever fall into a fashion-related jam, I have compiled a list of online clothing stores for each by category. This isn’t a foolproof list (after all, I’m not a designer or a buyer), but considering that I rely on it daily, this is a great place to start. And, if you need specific categories, such as plus size stores or where to shop if you’re younger? They’re in InStyle, too, and they’re bookmarking, ASAP.

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For luxury


The list of designers in this online store contains pages, so whether you love sweet Cecilie Bahnsen dresses or Gucci sandals, you are guaranteed to find them (and much more).

For trends:


Just scrolling through this site makes you feel like you’re peeking into a celebrity’s closet. It’s high and full of investment pieces, and you’ll definitely want to check out the “New In” section, which will always take you in the right direction in terms of trends.

For vintage:


People often think of Etsy for clever gifts, but it’s actually full of vintage clothes. In the search bar, just type the trend or item you’re looking for (for example: a plaid coat), set the filter to vintage, and you’ll find a wealth of second-hand alternatives to suit your style. Whether you have 50s, 80s, or Y2K.

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For fast fashion:

Dirty Girl

Fast fashion stores are primarily in the business of making clothes that are in line with today’s high trends, but Nestigel is definitely one of the best. The choice is unparalleled – whether you’re looking for a casual, long-sleeved dress or a good occasion – and many of today’s fashion stars have endorsed the site with their approval, from Emily Ratajkowski to the stylist. Until the Mayo Rally.

For staples:

Jay Crew

Jeans, button-down, sweaters, coats – just like in the ’90s, J.Crew works great when filling holes in your closet, and these are the pieces you know about it. Will remain Also, you can’t beat sales.

For Staples:

And other stories

If you are a person who cannot compete with riffles, bright colors, prints, etc., then don’t sleep on other stories. Fashion lovers know this online site (and the brick and mortar store) as a site full of special, designer-like pieces that instantly make you ‘oh’ and ‘ah’. Yes, but at the same time, it will feel a little more budget friendly. .

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For sexy things:

turn around

Does your wardrobe need a little … spice, Revolu has you covered. You’ll be bound to see the va-va-voom, plunging-neckline, cutout mini dress of your dreams in this mix – and you’ll probably see it on your favorite inspirational ones too.

For size limit:


There is nothing more annoying than finding and realizing what you like, oh, the store doesn’t sell it to your size. But Medwell has an impressive size range for many of its offerings, ranging from XXS to 4X. Even better? You do not need to scroll to a completely different section of the site (although you can find specific categories for plus, petite and long if you want easy access). It’s all in one place – that’s how it should be!

For shoes:


Here’s the thing about shoes: they’re expensive. A pair of chunky loafers or high-heeled shoes can bring you back hundreds of dollars – which is why if you

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