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Imam ahmad ibn hanbal Episod 05 with Urdu Subtitles


The story of the fourth Moslem of Islam Moslem (Ahmad ibn Hanbal), showing several of the events in his life, additionally to his personal life from birth to his study til his death

imam ahmad bin hanbal full name

 Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal (565-555 AH) used to be one of these rightly guided imams who lived in the beforehand Hijri centuries. Those imams had been function fashions for people. 

Imam ahmad ibn hanbal

They displayed piety, greatest ethical values, and honest adherence to the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace and advantages be upon him). Hence, humans developed self belief in these imams’ sound strategy and honest software of religion. 


Imam ahmad ibn hanbal Episod 05 with Urdu Subtitles

Those rightly guided imams would supply astounding guides of lectures in the mosques the place seekers of expertise would attend in brilliant numbers to hear to an interpretation of some verse, ask for rationalization of a hadith, or are searching for a fatwa. People would keep these imams in the easiest esteem and mannequin themselves after their preparation so that they can also be rescued in the Hereafter.

Imam ahmad bin hanbal series

Born in Rabi` Awwal AH 565 (November 780 CE), Imam Ahmad belongs a noble residence of Bani Shayban in Baghdad. His father exceeded away earlier than his birth. His mom took care of him and added him up in the most perfect manner. She used to be eager that he learns the specific disciplines of know-how time-honored at that time. So, he memorized the Noble Qur’an and utilized himself enthusiastically to the understanding of Hadith. 

He would get up at sunrise to be the first pupil to attend the know-how circle of his sheikh. During his teens, he joined the circle of Abu Yusuf, a disciple of Imam Abu Hanifah and the first man or woman to keep the submit of Chief Judge. 

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His circle was once unspeakably splendid. It attracted seekers of knowledge, scholars, as properly as judges of specific lessons and ranks. Imam Ahmad attended this circle for 5 years. He recorded in writing all what he realized there, which shaped a excellent quantity of papers. 

He additionally used to attend the circle of Imam Hasheem ibn Basheer As-Solamy, the grand student of Hadith in Baghdad. 


Moreover, every time he heard that a educated pupil got here to Baghdad, he would searching for to collect understanding from him. In this regard, he discovered from the excellent pupils Na`eem ibn Hammad, Abdul-Rahman ibn Mahdi, and `Umayr ibn Abdullah ibn Khaled.Read More on islamonline 

imam ahmad bin hanbal pdf

Imam Ahmad commenced his blessed journey within the pursuit of Hadith in AH 586 (805 CE) at the age of twenty-two. 

He visited metropolis, Koufa, Ar-Riqqa, Yemen, and Al-Hijaz (i.e., Makkah and Madinah) wherever he met variety of distinguished and nice students and jurists of the community, like Yahya ibn Sa`id Al-Qattan, Abu Dawud At-Tayalisi, Waki` ibn Al-Jarraah, Abu Mu`awiyah Ad-Darir, Sufyan ibn `Uyainah, and Ash-Shafe`i. 

imam ahmad bin hanbal series

He dedicated himself to learning at the hands of Ash-Shafe`i for a amount of your time, throughout that he learned fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and its principles. 

He was such a devout seeker of information that Muhammadan Ash-Shafe`i aforesaid regarding him that there was nobody in national capital that was a lot of knowledgeable in faith and skillful in memorizing hadiths than Muhammadan Ahmad. 

His nice passion for seeking Hadith created him bear each problem volitionally. 

Despite his nice data and position among eminent students, he proceeded to hunt data from others. 

imam ahmad ibn hanbal biography pdf in urdu

although his sheikhs and colleagues authenticated to the ample data he possessed, he failed to feel embarrassed in the slightest degree to take a seat among students to receive data from others.  

Imam ahmad bin hanbal Episode 05 With Urdu Subtitles

Seeing Muhammadan Ahmad holding the inkstand by suggests that of that he would write what he learned, a up to date of him commented, “O father of Abdullah, [You sit among students] despite the high level of information you’ve got reached. you’re the Muhammadan of Muslims [in knowledge]!” The reply of Muhammadan Ahmad came thus:

                 “With the inkstand [I stay] until i am going to the grave.” a tutor it’s price noting that Muhammadan Ahmad took the seat of teaching and issue ruling in national capital in AH 505 (859 CE), that was a similar year Muhammadan Ash-Shafe`i died.

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 Muhammadan Ahmad was so an excellent successor to associate degree eminent precursor. He wont to have 5 knowledge-imparting circles: a special one at his home for his keen students and a general one within the house of God following the `

Asr Prayer for normal folks and knowledge-seekers normally. 

Muhammadan Ahmad would deal warmly along with his students and would describe their inkwells with that they recorded what he imparted to them of hadiths because the lambs of Islam. 


 he was therefore honest and meticulous in news hadiths that he ne’er according a hadith unless it absolutely was from a written supply,

imam ahmad bin hanbal in urdu

 although he was extremely noted for his sharp memory.

 it’s additionally price mentioning that Muhammadan Ahmad memorized regarding million narrations from the Companions and Tab`in (first generation once Prophet Muhammad). 

variety of keen students United Nations agency studied at Muhammadan Ahmad’s circles for a decent and while unfold his data and jurisprudence everyplace. 

greatest among them was Abu Bakr Al-Maruzy,

 United Nations agency was near to the Muhammadan and most liked  by him on account of his data, superior morality, honestness, and integrity. Muhammadan Ahmad aforesaid regarding him, 

imam ahmad bin hanbal stories

“Whatever he [Al-Maruzy] reports American state as oral communication is actually aforesaid by American state.” Also, among the scholars of Muhammadan Ahmad were Abu Bakr Al-Athram, Ishaq ibn Mansur At-Tamimi, patriarch ibn Ishaq Al-Harbi, Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, and Baqi ibn Makhlad.


Imam ahmad ibn hanbal Episod 05 with Urdu Subtitles


Imam ahmad ibn hanbal Episod 05 with English Subtitles





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