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Make Money on Youtube Complete Urdu / Hindi Course Part 1

Make Money on Youtube Complete Urdu / Hindi Course Part 1.
In this complete course, you will learn all about youtube which you can use and then make money from youtube.

Youtube Se Paisy Kamany Ka Mukammal Course Free Main Dekhain:

This is a 100% free course for those who can not afford paid training and they want to earn money from youtube so this course is especially for those people.

If you face any kind of error or if you need any help regarding youtube so feel free and ask me I will try my best to solve your problems regarding youtube.

In this tutorial I taught you:
What is and what is Adsense, Let me explain bit more in English.
Youtube is a video sharing website which allows us to upload our videos and off course we can watch any kind of video without paying anything and with full fast streaming.
Now let me explain what is Adsnse? is a program which gives us a great facility to earn money online with youtube.
Adsense takes Ads from other companies and people and then offer that advertisements on our videos and when we earn something so the 38% of revenue will be going to Adsense.

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