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Mavera episode 14 urdu & english subtitles by Makkitv

Click here to Watch and Download in HD Quality, Full Mavera Episode 14 English and Urdu Subtitles

The television series “Mavera”, which tells about the incredible legacy of Hace Ahmet Yesevi, the principal known spiritualist of history, meets the crowd this evening.

Mavera episode 14 urdu & english subtitles by Makkitv
Mavera episode 14 urdu & english subtitles by Makkitv

Mavera Episode 14 urdu subtitles youtube

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In TRT, the energy of Ramadan is delegated with the new series Mavera. The primary episode of Mavera, which will be a visitor of houses consistently during the period of Ramadan, meets the crowd at TRT 1 this evening at 23.45.

Before the principal episode broadcast, Mavera entertainers and the head of the series, Doğan Ümit Karaca, met up on the TRT 1 YouTube account and assessed the series. Chief Doğan Ümit Karaca said thanks to the TRT family for their help.

Mavera Episode 14 urdu subtitles english subtitles

Korel Cezayirli, who assumed the part of Hace Ahmet Yesevi in the cast of the series, assessed the series as follows:

“For an entertainer, it is both worthwhile and disadvantageous to depict a verifiable person. There are numerous assets to assemble data about a verifiable person, yet since it is a lived character, everybody has forecasts. Keeping this expectation on one side of the scale and adjusting the creation is a fragile errand.”

“We settled on significant choices in a brief time frame”

Mavera’s chief, Doğan Ümit Karaca, underlined that the readiness cycle experienced in different creations was finished in an exceptionally brief time frame in Mavera. Karaca made sense of that albeit the readiness cycle was extremely restricted as far as both specialized and stream, the hardships were overwhelmed with the chose names.

Mavera Episode 14 urdu subtitles download

Ferit Kaya, who plays Tekke’s educator Mervan, the aggressive person of the series, said that they went with vital choices collectively:

“I had a person who surrendered to his malevolence and desire that was not on the great side, who kept his desire ahead. He is the educator of the tekke, however some place we see that they help out the caliph for aspiration and power, and they take part in non-strict undertakings.”

“We molded the person with the group”

Mavera Episode 14 urdu subtitles dailymotion

Tansel Öngel, the Naci of Guiltless Condo, said that Mahmud’s personality, which he depicted in the series, is really an imaginary person:

“We see the dream on the chief’s face. Assuming the chief accepts, getting it is easy. There was such a group that the team, interlocked from the set-producer to the tea-creator, from the lighting producer to the camera team, accomplished an extraordinary concordance and congruity. We tracked down the method for showing boldness and discuss the person.

This character could not have possibly transformed into this in the event that my colleagues didn’t uphold it. “

“We made progress thanks to the expert group”

Dissimilar to different creations, Mavera shot 26 episodes before it was delivered and they struggled occasionally in light of the fact that they couldn’t quantify the crowd response to a series that was not delivered, Öngel said, “We considered Mavera a film, we will see the response and appreciation with its delivery.”

mavera Episode 14 urdu subtitles give me 5

Görkem Sevindik, who gave life to the personality of Sarı Saltuk of the series, expressed that they were eager to see the outcome in a task that he delighted in without question, and said that they couldn’t make an exceptional groundwork for his personality, however that they made progress thanks to the expert group.

“A task worth your portion”

As per Pehlivan Hamza of the series, Hasan Küçükçetin, the crowd will follow an alternate story because of the right direction and the expert group:

Mavera Episode 14 urdu subtitles by Makkitv

“In the series, they will see the way individuals get into the mud, how Hâce Ahmet and his companions emerge from the mud. There is no work or embellishment.

Mavera will meet with the crowd on TRT 1 screens consistently during Ramadan at 23.45, and for the people who missed, it will be on TRT WATCH stage.

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Instructions to Watch Mavera Episode 14 with English and Urdu Subtitles

Mavera series will authoritatively live on the Turkish channel TRT1 from twelfth April 2021. You will actually want to watch Mavera Episode 14 in English Subtitles and Mavera Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles here. Thus, remember to share this in your circle.

Maveera | Mavera Urdu Subtitles

Mavera Episode 14 delivery date is twelfth April 2021. Mavera Episode 14 Trailer is additionally accessible here. Mavera Episode 14 English Subtitles and Mavera Episode 14 Urdu Subtitles accessible here.

This is First Episode of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. I’ll let you know a story.A story that no ear hears no eye sees… …

a story is going to disappear among the cinders of time.A tale around four men riding through the unknown.Four forlorn four pariah… ..four orphans.

Mavera Seson 1Episode 14
Subtitles LanguageUrdu & English
Urdu SubtitlesWatch in Urdu
English SUbtitlesWatch in English
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The first explorer the first of the four… The principal voyager the first of the four… ..the pearl of the insight ocean Hace Ahmet.Then his dependable companion Mahmut.Mahmut who trades his life to be a faithful friend ‘ iThe old individual from an earlier time who raised them both… …

and the extraordinary dervish Pehlivan Hamza.D G A N L! M*T T” K A”R A ■aui payThe child of Arslanbab Mansur.Or you’ll be lost here.Coming simply coming now.My expired father Arslanbab… … was the aide of Hace and we all.

At the point when he went to the opposite side I followed Hace Ahmet.While I was abandoning the grounds I was borne in… … while I was taking safe house under the otherworldly environment of Pir Ruler Hemedani… …

while I was going to the distant terrains with the request for Pir Hadrath I never hesitated.The horse was running the we were moving forward.

And Hace Ahmet was leading.When you had Hace before us there was no trepidation in your heart.And our storystarted on that road.And it continued forever later on say thanks to Allah.Four rider turned the wheel of the destiny in reverse with their exposed swords.But nobody had some awareness of it.

You will know it now.The things you will find out about the tale of the shaved wooden swords that made history… … a living off by a dervish shaving wood spoons.This is the epic of the heroes who opened the entryways… … that couldn’t be opened even with steel blades.

Mavera Season 1 Episode 14 English subtitles

..and the urban communities that couldn’t be vanquished by force.In rundown it is the ideal opportunity for the white paper and the dark ink.My words will uncover the unusual city Baghdad and… … the odd things we experienced there.Our story is coated with wisdom.InshVliah it will be told with wisdom.ur story… …

all in all the unrecorded story of the four unfortunate dervishes from Turkistan.I am the child of Arslanbab Mansur.Pehlivan Hamza.The faithful companion Mahmut.And Hace Ahmet.May Allah give truth to my pencil and words.In the name of Allah the lenient the beneficent.Come on dear. Come on.

Push push.Come on!Come on! Come on!Don’t stop! Don’t stop!Father.Someone is coming.You take that and go behind the car.Peace be with you.Peace be upon you.Mansur Can*Thank you.WhatThe horse got scared..He removed the vehicle from the road.

A piece was broken and we are attempting to fix it.And after we fix it I surmise we will pull the car.I trust you are fine.

Thank Allah we are fine.Master do you need us to help?Do you permit it?Oh extraordinary steed<We are struggling even while conveying this light sweater.You are worrying about every one of these concern.

Mavera Season 1 Episode 14 English subtitles

This will pass too.This will pass also steed.Don’t worry.Mahmut Can.Let’s different the pony from the car.Eyvallah my Hace.Master we want a device to fix this.We’ll deal with it.

It appears to be the wheel isn’t that bad.Mansur Can.Good good.\Ne can tie your pony assuming it is required. Also, we can take the horse in tow.Well done.Come on let’s get it done. How about we move this car.O Haqq!O Haqq!Be careful.I got it!Thank you all.Okay. Say thanks to you.

You truly assisted us.We with canning handle it from here on out with my dad and brother.Your hand is wounded.Daughter bring some ointment.It’s not that important.Let’s check it first.O Haqq!What is that?I trust it isn’t something bad.No!This is a combination made by the spices we picked from the mountain with our father.It is great. It is great for the wound.Okay sister.

Watch Mavera Season 1 All Episodes With English & Urdu

I simply keep thinking about whether that is something terrible… I just… Pehlivan Expert! What are you doing there?Isn’t it acceptable for it?Mansur Can simply take it out.Is this benefit? I figure we can utilize it.We need to wrap the wound.Eyvallah.It was in our fateSo we became companions.

We couldn’t repay you for this.And there is likewise this.May Allah favor you.

Hace.You have a sit.We have an activities here.Eyvallah master.Come on. How about we check it.It’s nothing significant. Say thanks to you.

Father.Daughter have a sit there.Eyvallah.Where are you going?To Baghdad.Baghdad?What are you going to do in Baghdad?And you are alone.These streets are undependable.

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