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Talha bin Obaidullah رضی اللہ تعالی عنہ

 Talha bin Obaidullah رضی اللہ تعالی عنہ

Talha’s full name was Talha bin Ubaidullah Abu Muhammad Kaneet, Fayyaz and Khair Qalb, father’s name was Obaidullah and mother’s name was Sa’ba. 

You are also one of the ten evangelists who were given the glad tidings of Paradise in their lifetime. He played a special role in the battle of Uhud and the battle of Jamal. 

The whole lineage is as follows: Ka’b is one of the ancestors of the Holy Prophet (sws).

Peace, Greeting

Talha bin Obaidullah رضی اللہ تعالی عنہ

Once, when he was probably seventeen or eighteen years old, he went to Basra for business purposes. 

I was brought up and the kind of religious discussions that were going on around me could not have been affected by the prophecy of a monk, but more education and indoctrination was needed. 

The sermons and sermons dispelled all doubts, so one day, through the intercession of Siddiq Akbar, they came to the court of the Prophet (sws) and came back with a clear faith. 

Thus, Talha is one of the eight people After his conversion to Islam, Hazrat Talha was not safe from the persecution of the infidels like the common Muslims. 

Mazaz and Talha’s real brother, tied him and Abu Bakr Siddiq in the same rope and killed him to abandon his new religion. 

Yes, but the intoxication of Tawheed was not something that would go up and down. 


In Makkah, the Holy Prophet (sws) made Hazrat Zubair bin Awwam his brother.

 Abdul Rahman bin Awf عبدالرحمن بن عوفBIOGRAPHY


Talhah lived a very quiet life in Makkah and was busy with his business activities, so when the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was on his way to Madinah, he was returning from Syria with his trade caravan. 

I met them, they offered some Syrian clothes in the service of both of them and said that the people of Madinah are waiting with great anxiety and anxiety, so the Prophet (sws) hurried towards Madinah and Talhah arrived in Makkah and retired from his business

 and came to Madinah with the family of Abu Bakr.

Participate in battles

On the occasion of the Battle of Badr, Talha was on a special expedition and visited Syria. I gave my share and said that you will not be deprived of the reward of jihad. 

But this is not true, because in that case there was no reason to ask for a share in the booty, and another narration is that

 the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) inquired about him and Saeed ibn Zayd about the caravan of the Quraysh towards Syria. 

He was sent on a mission.
This narration also supports our view. 

However, although Hazrat Talha was not a participant in the Battle of Badr, he was not deprived of his reward due to his important deeds.

غزوۂ احد

The battle of Uhud took place in 3 AH. In this battle the first Muslims were victorious and the infidels fled. 

Disappointed that they did not even care for the protection of the Lord of the Universe and ran from whichever side they were on. 

Only ten or twelve men remained steadfast on the battlefield, but they were all far from the candle of guidance and at that time only 

Hazrat Talha was showing amazing scenes of butterfly-like feudalism and vicissitudes. 

In this critical time, this fanatical halo of Jamal Naboot became a halo and 

Khurshid was defending Naboot from left to right and back from all sides, stopping the rain of arrows on his palm, making his chest super in front of sword and spear, then I would have attacked the infidels like a lion and pushed the enemy back, once upon a time 

The sword struck the servant Jan Nisar, that is, Talha (the warrior) stopped him on his hand, and his fingers were martyred. Also pick up! Hazrat Talha continued to fight for a long time with amazing bravery and bravery. 

Even the other Companions came to help him.

 Protected from attacks. In the battle of Uhud, the unique essence of feudalism and bravery which showed the unique essence of the history of all the nations of the world is unable to present its precedent. 

The whole body was covered with wounds.

 More wounds were counted.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) bestowed the title of “Khair” on the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) in return for his sacrifice. That this was a special day of Talha, Omar Farooq used to call him Sahib-ul-Uhud.

Miscellaneous expeditions

As far as the conquest of Makkah after the conquest of Uhud was concerned,

Talha was a prominent participant in all of them.

After the conquest of Makkah came the Battle of Haneen. In this battle too, like the Battle of Uhud, the first Muslims lost their footing, but the steadfastness and steadfastness of a few brave and steadfast Mujahideen took it again, and fought so hard that

Hazrat Talha was in the ranks of the steadfast companions in this war too.

In 9 AH, the Prophet (peace be upon him) was informed that Caesar Rome wanted to invade Arabia with large equipment, so

the Prophet (peace be upon him) ordered the Companions to prepare and prepare for war.

Encouraged by the Minister of Finance to give alms, Talha offered a large sum of money on this occasion and received the title of Fayyaz from the court of the Prophet (sws).

The hypocrites, who were always on the verge of destruction, did not refrain from their mischief even on this occasion, and gathered at the house of a Jew who was a short distance from Madinah to consider the measures which could lead to the conversion of the Muslims.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) sent Talha (ra) to warn the people of this house. He jumped from behind and attacked, breaking his leg, and his companions rescued him from the clutches of the Muslims. Forward.

Thirty thousand Mujahideen set out to fight the Romans with great pomp and circumstance. When they reached Tabuk, they found out that the news was wrong,

so they stayed there for fourteen days and all the people The last Hajj was performed by Hazrat Talha (AS). At that time, the decision of sovereignty and caliphate was being made in Saqif Bani Sa’ida. At that time, they were weeping in a corner.

Allegiance on the hand of Hazrat Ali

After the martyrdom of Hazrat Uthman (AS), the Egyptians forced Hazrat Ali (AS) to assume the title of Khilafah, and gathered the people in the Prophet’s Mosque for public allegiance.

Hazrat Talha (AS) was an equal claimant. However, during this uproar, the fourth caliph swore allegiance to Hazrat Ali. The emergence of the caliph in the face of time and the reason for it The assassination of the Caliph of the time was not a trivial incident, it spread insurrection and disorder in all and the dictatorship of the corrupters made Madinah itself enchanted.

When there was no hope of opposition from the Khilafah, Zubair himself came to Mecca from Madinah with the intention of raising the banner of reform.

They were staying here till that time, so they first came to the service of Umm Al-Mumineen and described the condition of Madinah and persuaded them to raise the banner of reform.

After a short discussion and debate, According to his opinion, he was preparing to go to Basra, as there was a large group of his supporters there and he could have easily agreed to participate in this campaign.

 Ali Ibn Abi Talib(حضرت علی ابن ابی طالب رضی اللہ تعالی عنہ)BIOGRAPHY

Capture of Basra

A group of a thousand of the Reformers left Makkah for Basra. The process of reconciliation continued unabated; but when they did not come on the road, they seized the city and the supporters of Hazrat Talha enthusiastically responded to the people of Da’wah.


A series of peace talks started before the war started, and Hazrat Ali reminded Hazrat Zubair of a prophecy of the Holy Prophet that at that moment his heart turned away from this civil war. Hazrat Talha raised his strong arm. When he saw the endurance, his intention was shaken and he decided to withdraw from the war. A But for them the arrow

Equipping and burial

Talha was martyred at the age of sixty-two or sixty-four years, and was probably buried in some corner of the same battlefield; Seeing that he was instructing to move his body from this grave,

Abdullah bin Abbas heard the dream and bought the house of Abu Bakr Sahabi for ten thousand dirhams and transferred his body to it.

That even after so many days, this khaki body was just as safe and secure, even the camphor that was put in the eyes was definitely present,

Morals and habits

Hazrat Talha’s moral foundation was very high and high, his scale was full of fear of Allah and love of Rasoolullah. He also did not hesitate to sacrifice wealth.

Therefore, he had made a vow that he would give his wealth in the way of God for the expenses of the expedition. رِجَالٌ صَدَقُوْا مَا عَاحَدُوا اللَهَ عَلَيْهِ o فَمِنْهُمْ مَّنْ قَضَى

That is, there are some people who have fulfilled what they promised to God, so some of them are the ones who fulfilled their help.

After the revelation of this verse, Hazrat Talha came to the court of Prophethood and said, “Talha, you are also among those who have fulfilled their vows”. Therefore, their door was kept open. Qais Ibn Abi Hazem states that he did not see anyone more than Talha in the forefront in the gift of unwillingnessm

In the Battle of Dhi Al-Qard, he passed with the Mujahideen at a spring of water called Besan Malh.

Hazrat Talha bought it and dedicated it.

On the occasion of the Battle of Tabuk, when all Muslims in general were suffering from poverty and destitution, he offered a large sum of money for war expenses and received the title of Fayyaz from the Prophet’s court.

Once he sold his property to Hazrat Uthman for 700,000 dirhams and spent it all in the way of God.

Did I make a mistake? He said no, you are a very good wife, you don’t care, the real story is that I have accumulated a huge amount of money.

He immediately called the slave girl and distributed four lakh rupees among his people.

Hazrat Talha used to take care of all the needy and needy families of Banu Tamim, he used to marry girls and widows, he used to pay the debts of those who were in debt.

So Sabiha Taymi had a debt of thirty thousand dirhams. She paid all that from herself. Umm Al-Mumineen also had a special devotion to Hazrat Ayesha and used to offer ten thousand dirhams every year.

Hospitality was the special style of Hazrat Talha. Once three men from Bani Azra came to Madinah and converted to Islam.

Hazrat said: O Messenger of Allah! ”And they happily brought the three Muslim guests home. The effect of the anus that was born was that he was always remembered and at night he was seen in a dream.

One day he saw in a dream that he was standing at the door of heaven with his three guests. But the one who died last is in the forefront, and the one who was martyred first is the last one.

He said, “There are some surprises in this. He who lived for a long time got more opportunity to worship and do good deeds, so he was present with his companions in the entrance of Paradise.” [22] Happiness and happiness of friends became a means of expansion for them too. Hazrat Ka’b bin Malik was defeated due to non-participation in the battle of Tabuk. When Khush came to the Prophet’s court,

Hazrat Talha ran and shook hands with him and congratulated him. Hazrat Ka’b used to say that I will never forget this behavior of Talha. Because none of the refugees had shown such warmth.

Hazrat Talha did not hesitate to serve his friends.

Once an Arab guest came and asked him to sell my camel in the bazaar. Hazrat Talha said:

The villager did not settle the matter, but I will go with you and go with him and sell his camel at a reasonable price. According to this,

Hazrat Talha also fulfilled this wish of his due to his special closeness.

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