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 Today Gold Rate in Pakistan


The present Gold Rate in Pakistan refreshed on Thursday 29 Dec 2022 for 24K is Rs. 183,300 for each tola, 22K Gold rate for now is Rs. 168068 for every tola, 21K rate for per 10 gram is Rs. 137,507 and 18k gold rate is Rs. 137,511 for every tola. Here you can track down gold rates according to Sarafa Gem specialists Affiliation and Worldwide Gold Market.


Gold 24K per 10 Grams Rs. 157,150

Gold 24K per Tola Rs. 183,300

Gold 22K per 10 Grams Rs. 144,054

Gold 22K per Tola Rs. 168,025

Last Refreshed: 28 Dec 2022 (Source:Karachi Saraf)

Worldwide GOLD RATES

Gold 24K Ounce $ 1808

Gold Cost Today In Significant Urban areas Of Pakistan


Karachi Rs. 183,300 Rs. 168068

Islamabad Rs. 183,300 Rs. 168068

Lahore Rs. 183,300 Rs. 168068

Multan Rs. 183,300 Rs. 168068

Peshawar Rs. 183,300 Rs. 168068

Gold Rate In Pakistan For Most recent 10 Days


Dec 28, 22 Rs. 183300 Rs. 144054

Dec 27, 22 Rs. 178850 Rs. 140557

Dec 26, 22 Rs. 175900 Rs. 138239

Dec 25, 22 Rs. 175900 Rs. 138239

Dec 24, 22 Rs. 179200 Rs. 140832

Dec 23, 22 Rs. 176900 Rs. 139025

Dec 22, 22 Rs. 182700 Rs. 143583

Dec 21, 22 Rs. 182000 Rs. 143033

Dec 20, 22 Rs. 175800 Rs. 138160

Dec 19, 22 Rs. 172650 Rs. 135685

Most recent Gold Cost in Pakistan

Gold is a word equivalent for something unadulterated, wonderful, and costly. Gold is broadly utilized as adornments in our subcontinent culture, and its interest ascends during wedding seasons. Assuming that you are wanting to make Gold adornments, find the most recent Gold rates in Pakistan Today by its immaculateness, either 18, 20, 22, or 24 carats.

Gold rates might vary from one city to another relying upon different factors, for example, request, loan fees, state charges, gold merchants, bullion affiliations, transportation costs, manufacturing charges, etc. Gold is a famous speculation device everywhere, especially in Pakistan.

What Is Gold Rate In Pakistan Today Per Tola?

Today gold rate in Pakistan per tola is Rs. 183,300 as most recent refreshed cost on 28 Dec, 2022

What number of Grams In 22k Gold?

The gold cost is generally determined on a portion premise and for 22 Karat gold it is 22/24. Notwithstanding, the 22k gold has 8.33% compound metal and 91.67% gold. In this way, a 22K 10gm gold bar has 9.1666 grams gold in the compound.

The amount Is A Tola?

The estimation of tola changes in various nations. Notwithstanding, Gold rate in Pakistan one tola is equivalent to 11.66 grams.

What Changes the Cost of Gold?

The primary elements impacting gold rates in Pakistan and, surprisingly, overall are supply, request, and financial backer way of behaving. Since its stockpile doesn’t differ altogether from one year to another, not at all like paper cash, gold is much of the time used to safeguard against expansion. Despite the fact that request has outperformed supply throughout the course of recent years, gold’s venture development rate has not been apparently higher. There might be varieties in gold costs between Pakistani urban areas.

Contrast from The month before: – 2.08%, Distinction from yesterday: – 1.23% and Distinction from A year ago: – 9.07%

Gold In Pakistan

The Gold is broadly utilized in Pakistan from quite a long while, numerous ladies in Pakistan is probably going to involved gold as their frill while other will involved it as a suitable wellspring of venture. Notwithstanding, in the event that we had discussed Gold Cost so the cost of gold is aggregated in London Bullion Market and some of the time by IMF, they had the sole power to set the highest quality levels and its cost.

Aside from that, the pace of gold isn’t fixed and it is fluctuating occasionally on the grounds that few variables rely on it. In Pakistan the Gold Rate in Pakistan is consistently at more elevated level since Pakistani Rupees is constantly viewed as low cash as contrasted and other world monetary standards. In like manner, assuming we see Gold Value Pakistan History so Pakistan has never stable rate and the truth of the matter is so unmindful Pakistan has confronted serious financial emergency and cut off expansion.

Gold Value Variables

By and by will affect on the gold rate today in Pakistan and other worldwide business sectors because of following variables.

• At the point when worldwide the interest of Gold is high the cost will at last high.

• At the point when the stockpile of gold is short from the market since national banks keeps it holds than cost of gold will likewise high.

• At the point when the financing cost is increment the gold rate additionally increment

• At the point when dollar is up the gold rate is additionally up, as they are intently attached with one another.


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