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Urdu Designer || Class 1 || Graphic Designing Course In Urdu In Mobile Apps

Ah, in this class you will learn what function it has and how we can use it. Well first of all if you turn on this app then you will see three options at the top. If you click on it, it has a home option. 

That is, this area is called home. This is the home of this app. From there you have the option of online tempress. When you click on the online template, from here you will have an ah window open with the online template. 

Online Template means the design or template design template that is manual on the net that we have added ah you use it by downloading. So ah this is called online templates, that is, this is a design, this is a template, you will add it, 

Mobile Phone App Graphic Designing Class 1 In Urdu Course

then you can put your design in it. This option which is here you will also see in the online template and on the top side you also have ah here in the online templates. So the next ah option we have is the Mike template name in the My Template option. If you click on it, you will have the templates that you have ever saved, 

ie you have worked on it. And if you have saved it, you will have all those templates here. So this section is also available here. If you look at the main screen, here is a section of My Team Plate. This and the sidewalk are both an option. 

Urdu Designer || Class 1 || Graphic Designing Course In Urdu In Mobile Apps
Urdu Designer || Class 1 || Graphic Designing Course In Urdu In Mobile Apps

Well then there is the contest option. In the contest option here you can see if you go to it you will see different contestants. The contestant has some prizes which are given to the winner ie some money is given to him or whatever is suitable for the contest as a prize. Everything is listed in it. As we can see, there is a competition here. 

Regarding Eid design, it is like this. This is what our team is looking at right now. One of its phases is over, that is, the other phase has started. The design is under review. So far you can’t open it here. 

The details of the competition are inside it and the details of the competition are inside it ie the details of Eid Mubarak design competition if you click on it. If so, then we will go further. We will read further in detail what are the things in it. 

Graphic Designing Course Online Class 1

There are different stages like this. When the result is announced, then the results are here. Open here for voting and If there is a voting system, then there are voting options like this, then this contest, here are the details of the contest, etc. All the things related to the contest are available in it. Then there is the optional option of the tutorial. 

Will also appear on the main screen here and that’s it ok then we have the option of tutorial in tutorial actually have all the videos we have regarding this app on youtube and also the classes that will be Inshallah videos will come then you will be able to watch. So you will click on the tutors. From here to here also the same option has been given to you. 

From here also you can enter ah. After that you will go to our channels which are the videos. Then the option we have here is that we have the app, what is our app, what is it, what is ours, it has the option of the app with it, on which we can talk about the rating of this app. You can know and rate it. After that, there is an option about other apps that we have. You can see what other apps of this team are from here. 

After that, privacy. There is a policy ie every app has a privacy policy. We have put it here. You can see it from here. Then there are all the things related to premium membership. There will be an option of regime code here, if you click on it, you will be asked for a code which is the code that you can get from the help line of Urdu designer, from there you will get it. Here you can enter and get the code. We have the option to subscribe with me. If you take this option, here is the option. Here you have both of them. Here you will see it. The option of is coming to me here, I already have premium here, 

I have all the things that I have, I don’t have the details of all these packages, etc., what Atiq-ur-Rehman is saying, the voice is not coming. I don’t understand anything. No sound. No sound. Hello. The sound is coming. Now it is coming. Now it is coming. It was stopped before. If we click then the option we have is a setting option here. If you click on it then you get some of these things. The setting of ah in the setting is very simple, there is nothing special in it. The templates that you have from here are the ah auto-set templates

Yes, from here you can turn off. Ah, you can also give the time that after five minutes this is your temper, that is, the way they are in you. This way you can turn it off in one minute. From here, this setting is controlled. From here, there is another option. You can change the language of your app. Then we have an option. About light theme, light and dark, ie in which color you want to see the app. If you want to see in Dark then from here you can go to Dark in the second setting. In this way if you turn it on then you can minimize your app. 

That is, they go to the home page, open another app, do some work in it, they have to come back to it again. So this is Zack closes this app which is. After that if we go to the main screen then we have the option of messaging here which we have seen this app. 

Then we have a section of help here. If you click on it, we have an option of WhatsApp, ie you can contact us through WhatsApp, you can get help from us. Then you can contact us from Messenger through Facebook page which is ah.

You can get help from us. You can see us on Instagram. Can contact us. So the option we have after that is these three options ah in this we give the online complete ah from here we read about the section of my complete. And with the Contest and also with it there is another option called My Folder which is not available in the options of this side so from here you can see My Folder if you have cleared some pass. 

Things like this are shown because I have not saved any image etc. If you save an image, if you save it, if it is not coming in your street, then it will definitely be shown here, then you can see the images from here. About your app but because of net work or internet you probably don’t get sound from here so there is nothing i can do it depends on you it may be due to network no sound cut The kit is coming to me here because of the internet.

There is no such thing from me. The internet connection is correct and the sound is correct from here. It is coming very well. Let’s read about it in my folder section. Well, in the options of my folder, you can see that there is an option here. There is a backup option. If you click on the image, you will have the images here if you have done most of the work yourself. How can I save it in the way I made it in the team plates? Well, I can save it in its image. So that’s the image you’ll save. Okay fine. You can see it in it. 

This means that the image that is saved in your gallery is also saved here. From here you can share. Some people have a problem with the gallery, ie their pictures are not saved in the gallery. So that’s why we’ve added an option that from here you can view it again in any way you can. Well the sound itself is the real mic issue is the distraction in the sound. Dude, who doesn’t hear the sound? There are a lot of people who don’t know the option. I don’t know the option. I didn’t know the option. Abdul Razzaq is speaking. 

I also have a voice. Hello, there is no issue of sound coming, the sound is coming, but what happens is that you have an issue of yes mike, because of which you got into it, the way I think I got an option on mike. In which the audio was written, I think I pressed there when the voice came, now I think other colleagues should do the same, maybe they will find my issue is Rashid Adnan. I am. There is no problem with the sound from here. I checked. There is no problem with the mic. The sound is going clear from the mic. 

There is no problem. By recording, I have checked. There is no problem. Check. You may have turned off the sound or there may be some other problem. It may be due to network but I have no problem from here. No sound. Hafiz Samiullah Hafiz Samiullah Hafiz Samiullah. . Sir, the sound is coming right to us. It used to be the same with me. I just got a button on which was written Na Audio. Now I am getting the sound when I pressed that button. Some people have a problem with the sound, so insha’Allah when we start it in the next class

We will discuss how to fix it. Right now I will continue it. The guys who have the problem can watch the video later. Okay, so here I have a section. Mentioned that if you go to the image section in my folder, come to you from here, from here you have a section of image images, there you can view it and also share this image. 

Are any ah on another platform and then we have an option they are in pdf pdf they are when you create a pamphlet the way i just made one of the images you have performed them like this If I say ah this is a temple I can edit it and save it by apdf ok. So what is pdf if you save it then what is pdf it does not show in your ah wet what is pds what is not show in wet then what do you have to do for that You have to view this PDF from my folder. 

Because it doesn’t show up in your street, you don’t know where I saved the PDF. So from here you will go to my folder. I will give you the option. Here are the PDFs you saved. They will find you here in every resolution. From here you can also share. Vivek can too. That is, if I view it, it opens through all the PDF viewers I have. 

Then we have an option. Backup Backup contains what you have backed up, ie if you back up your templates, you will have a show here. So how can you backup this backup this we will go for it. In the My Template section. If we go to the My Templates section, you can find out what your templates are from here if I am changing my mobile or have any other problem. If you want to save your templates for mobile, then you can save your templates. So you make a backup first. How to create backups. 

Here if I want to save this template this template, this template, this template, this template, this template. That’s how I selected these three, four, five templates and I want to back them up. So when I click on it, I will click. Here is an option of Expert Template. The delete option also comes to you here. So I want to export it. So it creates a file called UDX. 

Creates a backup file. Okay fine. So you can save this backup file in your ah storage. Or you can send a number through WhatsApp. He can open it again. For example, this way you can share it. This is your backup. You have the cell in the mic holder. And in my folder you have saved in the backup options. In the backup option, here with it, its date and how much it is, everything is saved here and from here you can also restore it. 

You can also share or forward or delete the options you have. All of them are here Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known as Templar in My Templar section, which you can design in your mobile or download any online template, then the design is here. . Which are premium if you download it. 

If you have a premium like that then there will be a mark on it. So you will not be able to re-edit it because you will not be able to edit what is premium. That way, it includes everything you downloaded online or create yourself. It includes everything, and here you can delete it. Yes, if you click ah then you can delete it if you select someone or you can delete one with the whole one as I have given you these two selections from here. 

There are two options that are selected right now. Or if you have to select a single cut, then you have an option above that. Select all the calls you have are selected together, then from here you can select. From below you have the option to delete and also have the option of OK, with that there are also options to delete cancel and so on So these are the three points that we have here. You can also import any backup, ie if you have a backup, 

you want to import it again. I had three or four temperatures. Okay fine. It was, it was and it was something like that. do not know. So I’ll delete it first. Okay fine. So how do I restore it? So in order to restore you must either have the file that you exported. That file is from wherever you have it in your mobile to that computer. From there you will import it through here. So what do you have?

Let’s go to the screen. One minute ok sorry you have the file you can import from there then the file which is ah that you will select from here they will be automatically imported here and the temperature that you have deleted Or they will come to you they will come here. You can also fetch it from MyFiller. Go to the filter and click on Backup. Go to Backup. You have to click on the backup and restore it from here. 

We’ll get back to you from Mai. See, I deleted it. I deleted it. Delete it. Everyone who deleted it is back here. You have these three options in place. . Well apart from that we have an option which is an option of private space. Well, if you go by express from here, you can be signed from here. 

If you have taken premium membership then you can sign in from here and by signing in you can share your design with anyone or you can save your design online. This means that the design that you have will be online whenever you have obtained premium membership, then you can download and use that design again, it is your personal, 

no one can see it. You have your own temperatures but the way you have online temperatures but online in your private space. So this is a section of a space inside then you have this option here is an online temperature option here in which all the templates are visible to you online. ‘

This means that whatever pamphlets are saved online, you have them saved here and you can download them from here. You can also find it here by clicking on any pamphlet you select above. So you click on it from here ah you can search from here then you will see the way i search eid then eid if i search what are the temperatures of eid Will come to me if you don’t look like this then you search in urdu then you will find in urdu search in english will find in english 

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if you don’t meet both then from here you can also see here But there are different categories. From here, if you select one, whatever the temperature is, it will come in this section. I mean, if I want to see someone with reference to profile pictures, 

I will click on the profile picture. Here are the things related to the picture. If I want to take a temperature, then from here you will find the temperatures like the Independence Day celebrations. 

There are different things like this. If you want to find out about Muharram in terms of poetry and poetry, you can find all the things for Muharram from here. Then we have the option. Home. After going to Home, we come back to Home Options. Here we have the option of online new design. From here if we go to new design then come here different sizes are customs size and all the sizes of social media are all here, now from here we will read about it tomorrow inshallah


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