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Urdu Designer || Class 10 || Graphic Designing Course In Urdu In Mobile Apps

 in this class you will learn what function it has and how we can use it. Well first of all if you turn on this app then you will see three options at the top. If you click on it, it has a home option. 

That is, this area is called home. This is the home of this app. From there you have the option of online tempress. When you click on the online template, from here you will have an ah window open with the online template. 

Online Template means the design or template design template that is manual on the net that we have added ah you use it by downloading. So ah this is called online templates, that is, this is a design, this is a template, you will add it, 

Mobile Phone App Graphic Designing Class 10 In Urdu Course

Urdu Designer  Class 10  Graphic Designing Course In Urdu In Mobile Apps


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And whatever these things clip It’s okay to extend it a little, I do it a little inside That is, be on the inside I rate what has to be finished and what is the border. Its size change

 And if you want to add more things, then add them From here we will go to home, from home we will go from here take it

 Well, you have to see where to place it You can pick it up I give this one Neither do we have such circular effects As they have been added by Kabutar Bhai, then of course you can add them If you are ok with the download, then I downloaded it like this But more will be best. So here we place it You can change the size of what is now a little bit.

 There are rounds on your design, our profiles are rounds You can also change its color if you want Who is

 You can put goals out of them, it will have a lot of effect Leave it if you like Class I’m afraid to uplift their own way.

 You can also apply light in any design They can use this light in other places too Take another light I can change the color you want from here Yeah.

 After doing something like this, a scene like this should come and we will own it or

 After grouping, we would have done this with the help of shape It will come to the top. After coming to the top, I will do it. This We have a lot of things with us so I will add this here Sandwiches

 give And click both. That something like this Sen join in my link in between

 They set the name and set the image either.

 Style copy test style OK and now we can add it here. And all that is patrons

 OK, after that, I will do the color big thing.

 I will go to the stand and select someone else I want a husband, but I don’t see High School.

 Well I duplicated it and followed it up with another one I make what’s red ah red color what’s like that The outline I want to make is black Convert to restore the outline it has after registering

 I duplicate it in color and add another one From among the animals, 

we will go from here to this pigeon Okay fine.

 Well let’s do it a little less take

 and is Okay fine. So we add this image.

 Here we have the Prophet’s Mosque and its images Muhammad So you can change its color from here And what here in this I cautions cautions slow

 will So this is a truck you must keep in mind.

 It was told that what should be done in the blend is going to be the screen in the blend So many

 I see no lights to create a glow The name will also change now. Ahh nature case

 The brightness will increase and that which is dark itself will disappear The size is too much, there is a little problem downloading You can see that the dark area has disappeared.

 Question 8

 Keep in mind that you have to go to Blend then Light Up Okay, so let’s leave it at that. Even by duplicating it Well now we have the goal so it’s like this like this When you place it, you have to click on the screen, then the light is on light eight

 Adjust same process duplicate duplicate ah

 Like the two objects that we have, we would create a group of them can also add from The designs are very different and many things have been added to 

it We can also change a bit and write it down here Duplicate duplicate duplicate comes on the top by turning it on Take care.

 A little bit of the size of it here Let’s expand it a bit from here lighting

 Take care or let’s go.

 Superman to us huh?

 The rest belongs to him has become

 are. Will go into nature from here Can adjust at will If it has come out, what should I do if I want to take it inside?

 If there are, then we have to add many things accordingly Along with it, you can also put as many palm leaves as we have Slightly increase it downwards You’re like

 Well there is no issue and what would we do with the one below The one we used last is red.

 I want to go to red, so how does it look in red?

 If I click on customs tiles, then the options of colors come to me OK, now I want to apply a style to it Going to texture, I will go to different types of textures from here Softness

 No, let’s see by changing its color.

 outline change Well, we lower the blend color. And from here It didn’t feel right either. Take someone else.

 Size it down a bit and go back into style Well I don’t like the color of it so I redo it You have styles, I will select one.

 Give three I have put I want to keep black in the middle So, I have to rotate a little bit. Gk.

 I want to finish his facts.

 crop reflect audience From here we pick up any image.

 In the background we see that there are different types of Islamic positions That’s all.

 image background images So

 Go to Panji from here images are available with us, take any image from here which Which part should be in OK so it’s exactly like this Islamic image

 Border Round I Let’s use it

 However, the size of these GMHs is larger Something like this became a scene. Now we have to blur it a bit.

 People have a I don’t have any profile image islamic select then from here multi style

 Here you can write like this Let’s make it a little bigger Ok ok ok. Your name again We would take this image down and lock it here too

 So I can take any image from here.

 Let’s identify this girl.

 I have reflected a little on this and will be able to do it Well, I am taking this profile picture, you can replace it If I want to put something like this on here, that’s fine From here I take an image so I can add it Is?

 Now here I want to add more things to it easily to get dark is not so. It looks fine for now Ahl has written it anywhere to edit

 Anyone else can take it, they can also take it to the whole world of Islam Now we have to remove the zoom so this option is coming above it Will give a little blurness. So that the above image is clear.

 They search for something, if they have it, they take it If you ungroup the elements in it, your Joe If we see that they are separate, what we have to do is to remove them After zooming, you have to click on zoom again and that If I take it,

 I also have to keep it, so I wanted it Ah, I want to create a picture in which I also add my picture Okay, so I’ll take this one take

 They take or in any words if different calligraphy side

 Congratulations And will bring the clipped image over the clear one. Okay then There is a type of panji from here we pick up a panji, take it Happy new year from here on Let’s see it

 image and will clip this shape from here. The clip is done So.

 OK, after that we will see the softness, OK,

 a little more I have to add different things, we will do the rest Duplicate the shape by doing this and turning it on hide both They live here Okay fine. And what we have to do and we have to do that image Ok going to the bottom to blur. 

From here to him Click on it and you will return to your place again I want to see something like Ramadan in it I will search again in this special text and here You will be able to do fine work easily. Mobile phone screen Left right Dora’s house.

 What would I have done? There are words you can write in calligraphy if you can’t find them Okay fine red If not found, you can see Islamic workers from here.

 This girl’s name is Inshallah Marhaba Marra Kalitin.

 Now down here his name is whatever your name is From here I’m going to adjust the fader that’s right down Well, now let’s do it at the bottom so that we know that the image If you don’t get it from here, it means you didn’t get it right OK and the spacing is what it is.

 Damn. And you are all on the right side.

 profile picture If we use it, I’m going to PanG background I want to change it a bit again I’ll go from here there are many already you will Will do here we have option coming und group ok The size will give a little adjustment here Let me 

tell you how our design for Ramadan will be from now on I am going to go to basic and take a round shape from here In the future I may work on this one which is the bottom one Since I have to give the figure even transparency in it Okay, so I’ll take that The white one is to be made transparent I keep it here for now In this we have also added this,

 remove it and do this Take the above one you can see, ok, hide the above one Of course it’s all the ah lines, the sidelines, those guys in between Now there is one thing that all these Muslims or people of Islam should know Please is said in this case It is okay with all the Islamic world. If it comes, do you take it or not?

 We will take the size of the square, what should we do after taking the size of the square?

 I do and here I have the option Fit to Paper Actually, that’s how it is, here we are If you can’t do this, you can do it by zooming. 

Mobile Phone App Graphic Designing Class 10 In Urdu Course

Fine I do the select group option minus and this one by one We take any size from here to square size Well, the size of it is a little bigger on the plus sign pure color

 A little bit down a little bit here a little bit right So congratulations, we have put it here We have to delete the things we don’t want There is a round shape to be taken, go to shape and from here to basic layers selection According to OK, so in today’s class, God willing, 

we will profile If there is, then I will ungroup it, then it is saying that twenty-one TK or

 No, they miss it. It’s okay, all the parts are there Hi.

 How to design a picture will teach you how to profile are

 picture You can make your own Urdu Design, so let’s start I want to copy or this one is happy to come to copy It will be done if you save it over here

 We first take an image so that it can be added So you can write in text by yourself. Congratulations If it is already included, we can also edit it You can see this layer we have regrouped 

The latest calligraphy has been added or things have been added If you want, I will take it first, from here I will und group it From here, the last ones can be checked Not me, so what will I do about Ramadan Mubarak?

 Many will come to you, you can check Well its faith for now First of all, Ramadan should be Ramadan, so I will go from here to Ramadan The speed of the app will be a little slow, 

so there is no problem All things are written blessed, if there is such a word, we You can write anything you want, whatever is suitable OK, 

let’s take a picture from this side, okay, I’ll go now There is you can take easily in this for me from all 

There will be in it and from where you can get everything Urdu designer too I will redo it as it is Maybe you have to make an idea in your mind about what things are I also ground the transparent, which means that it is missing This is one layer,

 so I duplicate it so that If you want to make a profile picture, it should come in a round shape It has been matched perfectly since then I think design complete question

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