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Urdu Designer || Class 11|| Graphic Designing Course In Urdu In Mobile Apps

 Ok first thing first thing is to convert it to shape I have just replied to the shape. Click on it A lot of echoes are coming, 

well come and someone knows Farhan And you can give a little curve from the side If you do, you will have options to choose from Let’s look at it, it’s not written right I can’t remember what happened now, so please turn off the mike 

Mobile Phone App Graphic Designing Class 11 In Urdu Course

Urdu Designer  Class 11 Graphic Designing Course In Urdu In Mobile Apps


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How do we round it to the curve and so on Correct hmm where did it open from where yes well written round You guys know how to score goals You guys don’t know this is a basic thing How to write in the way it is written in Karf 

Mr. Umar Farooq Haider Ibrahim Rizvi How to convert will go to below options convert to shape After writing an idea to someone,

how will you pull it aside?


 and will go to the workshop. From here you have the options of what you Well a bit after that With the help of slow Take this as an example Well, first I straighten it out, this work shape If we don’t have a square shape then it’s a problem Is.

 So that’s easy. Well, today is the time to have a question for someone else Square option

 If you want to do it, you can make different types of shapes has been converted. So, what can you do?

 S Come on, actually, for this reason, we fix it in the update, inshallah There is an option, it does not come on this, see the option of the work shape We have the option to click here. When this tax Here I show you how to do it within scrolling

 everything I’m going to say.

 Converted means it is not yet datatable in the Convert shape InshAllah we will remove it, better to fix it first No, as after writing, what is not will be rounded so that we have My Hamilton.

 I don’t know sir, a day ago I found an option here For example,

 So you can make it small in the middle and big in the side And change its color from here.

 Zones Enlarging it a bit Well, first we check that we have this shadow in the shadow it is.

 That this is his shadow is another question someone asked me We can create

 That’s exactly it. All you have to do is take the shape and place it on top.

 Anyone have an idea?

 And from here I add you can see then Well someone has asked how to create this shadow Equal shadows

 Yeah. There is a category called Various shadows again.

 See any other shapes in the line shape to create The head will tell more There is no join

 Yes, these are like taking shape, aren’t they?

 We keep the GG and increase its size a little so that it fits Facebook is

 Shadow, Shadow,

 I haven’t answered this yet, so let’s see how When I see it in the group, I share it with you Well, let’s do it, see you How to make is that I can.

 If you want to make it, I will try it for you And it has to be done by both you and me This rather

 MSP option is not coming here, so it’s ok Do it after we duplicate it We have to take blue, its color is green Write down whatever things you have. 

Any other shape So in this way, you will have what your design is. On top of that you then And what is its color?

 I do it and change its color to whatever it is Then you can make color changes like this one To that we have an option here Also has to rotate


 It has to be done so that the idea is done. So with a little adjustment want to do

 Let’s rotate it. It’s okay to rotate it to whatever angle you want ok it.

 Let’s close now and do it with what you have here Ok now what should I do?

 am Okay fine? I am uploading after clipping. Okay fine. And yes to it. I hide the first shape and do this The bottom circle is made of one, the outer one is made of C yes sir

 Okay and now what I have to do is duplicate this and this Well, um, we have to research this a bit Sir, if you make a little bit of a shape, it’s fine, I would see If yes, make it ok

 The shape should be exactly the same Kind of fine. 

And a little on that side OK, OK, then there is an option that you have The first will be a fast, the second will be the third, and thus its date Let’s catch him and both of them and cut them from here post you have made everything written down 

what you have to do with it placed on top of Now I am currently clipping both Hundred for example you have placed Hundred by Hundred Hundred What to do next is to turn on the shape we took here It is shared in groups or by people one by one.

The post is okay, what happens in it, fasting should have been written here I give big.

 You march it and from here you change its color Make it clear and take it from here. own Iftar and Suhoor and then you will see that slowly Well, it has come to us and from here I would have duplicated it I do.

 Yes, it is very easy. I do this before saving so that What we have to do is to group both of them after grouping If we continue again, we have made a shape Do it and also turn on this shape After that, what you have to do is to go to the website Okay fine

 If a color has been given, what do we do? We check first Make the head in PNG, this is the second one, not in GPG Make two, no problem, okay, and one more thing If you doubt, make it fifteen days, make it twenty days, make it thirty days If it happens, 

it will be difficult for you The shapes that are it’s okay one to they have taken the circle dark hum it The change will continue and you will get an image Good sir, I have just sent a picture in Ek Jo Hai Na group Let’s see the clip how it can be adjusted Thirty images or ten images, whatever your images are, 

you did them So you will do the second hundred bye in this way, you have hundred images like this The idea of ​​things will be ok if you are having difficulty I have a GIF maker like this to share with you On the other hand we have to change and save again like this It is to be released by holding it and both Well, we have got the idea to do it like this, then release are. How to make it? First of all, go to a shape shop From here I take a round shape. 

OK, I’ll leave it at that You should make the columns one by two I am looking at how it can be improved. 

Mobile Phone App Graphic Designing Class 11 In Urdu Course

This Retaining means the first image if you saved it in hundred by hundred If it wants to make a GIF, you said it has to press If you want to save, for example, I want to create this for the first 10 days Names, etc. 

write down everything, fasting and breaking fast like this and then they say yes Convert and the GIF will come to you I will go to it and upload the images that I have Change has to be done and time is going to change everything If it keeps happening, then you can make a post, or just one The date is written like this, the time is written like this to save is ok means hundred hundred its size hundred by The change takes place on the second day, 

the third day, in this way, gradually, they change You can make such an Arab, surely they can make it if they can make it I can share here.

 In download format, when you open it, slowly will get these things ah you have to press this heart and here Whatever things you take from here, 

don’t use them Pray that all these test things you have will come You can also make it together Make it in Panji. You must have seen it often I have often seen in groups that they come here and write their own If you make one of thirty, the size is more than that If you can try it, then make it Do the second column again. 

The third column can be made like this IF becomes an image here daily its date can do. 

That’s right, check it out So you will save ten images in this way, but the size is one All you have to do next is save the date Change is happening and so on Make a column ok do it write everything in it This is an image I take from there if I can find it Iftar, Suhr prayer and such other Tarweeh prayers, whatever it is Well, this is an image. I see this too Well then, you should try making a calendar like this easily

 Duas that are it will be within it your GG is ok you check Go to PNG and from here go to home screen do.

 Either you search Fast Iftar searching for anything like this sir very good thing

 You also make ten complex calendars easy coloring ah you will go to the table then you will have many Designer

 So will come to you. Ramadan will also search. his Well, from here we call it scue. Well, scue is our option Can you make it? Yes, it is correct. Yes, what happened, brother? came Also if you want to go to the category of Islamic text of that.

 Read more to get his corner Name is the category we have it third from that in it you Yes basic method no yes correct method but better ah

 Okay fine. Let’s do it.

 Well, someone has asked Shahri and Iftar We also like it, so it is fine color

 Well, on top of that, you can also read the Quran I share it with you guys. Hmm I don’t know, maybe those links are the image I would take the shape of another triangle with it There is a round shape, it’s okay, go to basic and take it from here rule

 Well, here I see it

 Does anyone have an idea how to make such a shape, this is my idea Can secure

 idea is

 shape what to do triangle triangle like if there is someone We have taken a perfect round shape, now what to do How will you make this kind of shape?

 Let’s take a round shape is fine I share with you

 Well, someone asked a question that such a shape can do While you have what you made yourself. Do theirs will be found. there is no such thing. See this. But you yourself can. Okay fine. You can do this line. Here you are Then upload the lines like these Well, yesterday a group of people asked me a question You can also adjust its corner.

 PNG has a section on PNG and one on Shape If you can make it, it is the best. It means what you are Created we have icons circle lines in it so you have it The border is placed. So it can be more. other than that There is a section of lines, so you can extract it from there too So your line has become what it is.

 So by making something like this, we try to make this thing etc. which are mostly made and uploaded by us in the post Let’s see something else like this You can also see lines like these You can also keep it in the middle If so, this too

 Group both and

 Can not do it. This is the thickness of the line, not more or less do

 Once you have to keep both of them together After doing this, you can invert from here, then your lines Yes, the above two sheeps do this, this sheep and this sheep The second one is selected from here to this shape yes

 Ninety degrees how to rocket it here in move tool and keep the size of the border as per your preference So that the program knows that you set this shape equal to the ground If you want to, what you have to do is to increase its size a little bit What we have to do is group what we have. Sorry this The position is that it’s not right it’s more down so that’s why it The lines become less and less so what you have to do by doing them From here we have put the degree that we have at thirty and here.

They will be seen if they are here Then what you have to do is to select both and clip OK, as far as we need lines, well, later on Even whatever size you want is fine gave white. 

Now I have to duplicate it again ie Sir, I will repeat this once. Well, we did it first Now we have got the lines from here you can make adjustments If you click on it, then you will get an option that is fair Next, we have to invert it, so 

you can see this Once thirty second time sixty third time to us We have to reduce so that our lines are visible to us We have to eliminate and we have to give the color of the shape of what is They will put the one in the middle, which will be the red one at the bottom. 

Yes, after that I do it and from here I make a border as well Once, twice, three times is fine Copy Duplicate is OK, 

we have to keep its color as white to paper because the program doesn’t know what to do with this guy Clear ok now I’m taking one from here After that you have to click again from here To group and then clip between each other is from the side Fit to paper is fine, 

after that we have slightly adjusted the size So much you have given the border, after that what should be done We have to reduplicate the shape that is white.

 This minute from here I take the new size ok from here What is not automatic, what is not a complete line in all four ears We can give you white, we can give you whatever you want Yes, yes, first of all, what we did was take a sheep.

 To keep it that way, what to do next is the borders Suppose two if we leave the red one first while the second one We have taken the basic shape, so after taking the shape, if you As a designer you will create many things by yourself Well, this is the idea, 

this is how you can do it Automatic hene jo hai na line bin jani hai ki hai hai chalo Square. OK, here’s a little paper If you find the kind, then I think it will be the same The little we see is the thickness of the line you want Have to do it and put it right in the middle now again Will anyone have an idea?

 Well, in this design, in this post, if we have this line It has to be replicated and we have ah ninety degrees Ninety so ninety degrees it has rotated. 

Ok both shapes If we do it here, what we have put into shape is what it is You will make one by one like this and then dedicate it if you want Which is another shape. Well, what should we do with it?

 It is another way if we assume that we have done it I do

 It is okay to eliminate the burder and take it from here Duplicate Is this other shape become one you don’t see Doubts are not a problem, we have to create them ourselves Idea will be like this, yes, but will make one like this If everything fits, then you duplicate it both Will leave the white one is fine, is it not, when the other is white have to give

 But by giving it color you can see it’s a shape and this One has to leave another shape and leave it here I will ask people how they do it and you guys will answer Well,

 or a little bit of it from the bottom What we have to do is to group both of them After this color we have to completely finish after you border It’s okay to take the thickness of your lines after that we did Okay here

 How short and how long should you adjust it from here?

 It has to be done. It has to be copied. Okay, now here we are We need four lines like this on the side which is the line on the corner The original line has to be made with it. Okay fine. Duplicate it It’s fine if we cut them half and half Let’s see it.

 Your lines are done

 If so, I made this shape on paper. It’s fine So how do we create it on our own?

 A little bit of that Just for the clipping mask I made it ok now shape sorry from here I take shape and from basic shape I see in Zareen that you post so often Copy

 Yes, it will come. Yes, God willing Show is fine and I select both You have to copy it and leave it here, which is white or white in color short

 And to Zumkar

 I think that taking two lines is not two lines Another thing I’ve noticed is that you will improve I did ah, from here with the move tool, ah rotate is fine.

 Ninety Came from here to here. Cover the area that is there Ok now what do I do from here sorry here I shape Well I took the shape and made a line of it. OK, that’s it If you can create, basically there are some tricks like this I agree with this process, why did I do this above?

 What I will do is make the image I took From there I cut it down. Ok so we have something Which you will use in the design and further you to your design Why did I do this? Does anyone have an idea?

 There are two types of shapes to be left here, okay, okay, now One line came to me ok. And what to do now? now It’s exactly the same, no problem After that I duplicated what I did. Duplicated. This I will do whatever is available for now.

 He is gone Such a shape has arrived. I shorten it again.

 So you can make realistic effects by making such clipping masks yourself degree. Thanks man.

 If there is a layer, I turn it off completely. And from here I take a shape We will let them down. Well, apart from that, we have the zoom option have been Here I am taking round shape. Your mics are what they are He also shortened it and put it in its place Any idea Muhammad Haider Ibrahim Rizvi sir OK, I zoomed in a bit. What do I do now?

 I have to keep it according to the circle from inside.

 I think you guys don’t have an idea, so I’ll show it here Well, you can see the rest by reducing its opacity a little You can clearly see me from here I zoom it in a bit so you’re closer If you want to rotate, to rotate ninety degrees, I’ll give it one Will do

 Sir, I have not seen this option, this one is fine I take a square

 What is the test? Bring it up to the place where it is located. It brought Here’s how we’re supposed to do it, right here first After reselection, I took a shape from here and I totally I go

 It’s okay, there’s no problem, it’s okay to learn it together From here I select both and here is the cut n option Lift the head from here and lift the napak from above with the arrow mark Ibrahim Haider Ibrahim I have brought it down to the ground So I am doing it, there is no problem, 

you will learn inshallah We will answer it according to our mind, okay, let’s see Umar Farooq Down it disappeared. No, this table is made cross If I will ask him, he will do it according to his own thoughts There is no problem, and if anyone has an idea, 

please share it I have brought it here am Here it is first.

 They will bring it down. Bring it down. They will bring the pic there Brother, please tell me what technique you will use.

 I will talk about techniques and all my students But this image is coming from below and its head is this circle How will you do it if it is different today?

 Well, in today’s class we will talk about the image that is here It is going to be completed in the afternoon

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