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Urdu Designer || Class 2 || Graphic Designing Course In Urdu In Mobile Apps

 Ah, in this class you will learn what function it has and how we can use it. Well first of all if you turn on this app then you will see three options at the top. If you click on it, it has a home option. 

That is, this area is called home. This is the home of this app. From there you have the option of online tempress. When you click on the online template, from here you will have an ah window open with the online template. 

Online Template means the design or template design template that is manual on the net that we have added ah you use it by downloading. So ah this is called online templates, that is, this is a design, this is a template, you will add it, 

Urdu Designer  Class 2  Graphic Designing Course In Urdu In Mobile Apps

Mobile Phone App Graphic Designing Class 2 In Urdu Course

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You can

 also add your own text in it according to your estimation From here, I have written now, so whatever comes to me now I have to search, you will not see it in Urdu. See this.

 Write whatever you want to find here

 In this way, if you want to extract the news, you can extract the news God willing, later we will read about its colors You can find it here, but if you want to search, it’s in English The option is Logos of Logos in Logos there are many logos category you like it When the word “ab” came in the names, everything came here Blur it if you enlarge it further

 You can easily find them for yourself . After that we have Are or from here you can write but here you in urdu I will meet in urdu the way I want Abdullah ok only you I take an image

 so that I can put it on my home screen You will get many options and also many in shapes Well, it has a lot of things in it already

 Can use then

 we have borders a design Will do, that is, if you make it as big as you want, it will not spoil them First of all,

 you have to write the first word, okay?

 Those are the things you will see as we have here

 Well, these are the basic things in anything

 So you will click on it which has been recently added to use If you go, you will find many things in it There are shapes, i.e. square, round, etc., you will find in it I’m sorry, I’ll sit down

 If there are things, you will find them you want to see the latest If you want to see the wedding, that is, all the things related to weddings It’s okay, you

 ‘ll make it bigger, won’t you?

 But those who are like this are called these ones you will find Or want to install and everything is in it will go down It doesn’t look like it ‘s clear to you Later, we will read everything in layers etc.

 to discuss it These restaurants are pinji or images that are rester I want to put golds you can use borders ah Fade will be Fade Okay look at this Fade Fade If I want to remove logos of Islamic category, then Islamic ones from here I have added things to it,

 you will see how basic it is How does it change and how do you separate it and more If I pick it up, it is a vector shape. of the vector shape There are files

 that get corrupted if you enlarge them Designs that can be made as big as you want are called Like you would get the solution of many of your things through this button Islamic Islam will come.

 This is how you are different Borders can also be removed . Click on weddings That is, PNG and

 GPG files are the same This is the most downloaded this way this brother ah that The advantage of Ah, I have told you, is that it does not deteriorate at all Well, come to us,

 I told you that this is not the case OK Shapes special text and logos if your file is big After that we have an option shape well in one thing you So you can see and manage it separately . this you I go for example

 After that we have option special text of special text How will you improve in this next class ?

 See. No one is into it.

 Well, one more thing It can also be

 ungrouped by its parts if it has any are. So it is editable as much as the logo etc. you can change it

 That is, make it bigger, no problem . Well the quality is bad I extract any one of the images from the shape There are, which

 means that if you enlarge it, they will become If you see this, you have to find us in this way You can find your own here or in this way

 Let me tell you, you will go to some shape If the rest of the things were to be enlarged, it would have deteriorated After that,

 make your own designs. Okay, here But it does not spoil them, it does not spoil it

 With this I write Allah You will understand, well, you see it, it is a little blurry Check it out and you will understand if anything is right They are here for you by name if you search Majlis Mahfil or

 anything related to Majlis you need No matter how big you want, it will not be damaged If you go in this

 way, you will see this They are all

 there in it, see it, it’s okay All that has been put, all that comes to you here

 If you don’t find it, you can search it in Urdu like I did It will not be special. From here you can search as well What are the new images? 

You ‘re not getting that load from me, After that we have option special text in special text All counts can be used under any tax Can search in both is fine if you in English 

So you can extract it or by clicking here you square One category we have is shapes and special text and logo It doesn’t get corrupted, it’s okay to save those images or those designs If it has been blurred, now it is called blur

 If they are not there, it is okay to be forbidden , then they are not You will see

 things as they are It will look blurry, I ‘ll show you now

 But the vectors we have are Shapes which are our category Which is the one that is generally used in designs If you want to change, remember that some images are images How do you separate it and how do you do it?

 Is. You will see that you will find as many Gambits as you can good

 Let me tell you, there is one Victor , there is one Restal Victor, such shapes or Once you see it, you will understand something in it All the badges you need are in it, too You can withdraw from here.

 I want tool then you can search in urdu search in english Is. Well, here I

 take an image for now Live well so this is one if I want that recent Joe I have an option here, the heart symbol you see. This You can also easily change the color to your liking here

 Besides, there are many things that you often use in your design They are used in Islam, you can get them from here These three categories are vector shapes

 will go

 The quality is degraded, the vector is not degraded

 Whatever is easy for you, lamps, etc., which you use in your designs Load more, load more and go down. 

Okay, from here All the things that exist are a blur, that is, his I want to search in Urdu will go See this. The new content that has been added to you will come to the top. will appear. Whichever category you go. So this There are no backgrounds. ok . 

So from here you can extract What is said is that those who are downloaded the most are at the top

 Click on ‘Sample’ to see your recent images

 I forgot to tell you that I went to the good section here If you search for it, you will find many things. one by one Okay so up here I

 have an option which is images available. There are pang files and files of whatever kind You see the category. So your solution for many things is here Let’s go to properties and see one more thing I want flowers

 Check it out, there’s a lot of stuff in it

Graphic Designing Course Online Class 2

 Do all that is in

 it, you once these things But you can extract and download . After that ah we have one are. If you want your Eid, you can take out the Eid from here. This is Ah, you can also search and find out the way I want for Eid. So The option is pan g.

 A lot of stuff in the PNG option All the materials related to Eid come to you. So here Well, all the pooled images come to us

 Even by going to the foreign phone, even by going to the home that is here In addition, you

 want to remove it from here If you have any background on this, check it out here If there is any Eid design , it will come to you ie Eid Backgrounds can be removed. 

If you can’t find it, you can from here You can choose any background for the design except you

 Good table

 There are many. There are so many things in it. if you can.

 The various ah taxes will appear here through your own Well here if you go to the background section you have

 You can see that the option of editing is not coming on it now It will not remain and it will become an image Do not make changes in it and you want to create an image from it In the form you will have a save this is an image now created You will not be able to edit it again and this is an image If you click restart then this table is editable Okay fine

 You can also edit by clicking here to edit again If you want to make it crooked, you can make it crooked Okay so our table is exactly what we have again One is automatically added. Again they will click

 This SP does not apply, ok , this option applies to it There will be another add. Will do again . Good. See this. So you If you will do the paper, whatever table you have made. They are yours You can edit it again here

graphic designing course free

 Whatever will be

 selected, a specific type of mark will appear on it I only want this one green so I changed its color See this reset with ease resets again

 To change bagy color is to change as you row If you change, I can also change on a sale here It will be seen here that this is written on it I want to change it from yellow to orange

 Add Row I have to add. So how much do I have to add?

 If you want, the border is finished, if not, you can easily get your own table The weight is fine, I need a little less weight From here what is change is fine and what is text of text means this Weight is reduced in this way more and more in this way so easily If I want to reduce it a bit, well , 

I can do that easily If you want to be black, then it has become black

 I can make

 some more columns or daily ed within it Well, this is this, this is what this column is

 I changed it, I changed its size a little bit

graphic designing course online free in pakistan

 No issue ok

 then we have a style option We have read all the options in the table To be seen

 So I have kept its text , I have to change it If it doesn’t happen, we let it be. 

It’s an Urdu language If you have created a table , now you can do anything There is no release Row is called OK, row if selected, row as many options as possible Tables calendars of your choice can be created through it There is a problem in the designer, we will fix it in the update, God willing There is a table option so you have to delete it from here You can change the width of the border,

 how thick it is I will click on delete option it will be deleted all at once if you Well, you can

 do it as easily as any team plate can. Okay, now in one column, this is the option of the column If you want to delete this color, you can easily delete it I have fattened up . In addition, as many If you want to do it, you can also add it. Will add here.

 Well then we have an option if the row is select Here the Column I

 is selected

 All you have to do is click on it as I have written here On top of that its text size needs to be changed a bit It will come on the mains, I remove the rest of the things so that you Can add means you

 can add data later Can be extended later . Add to that later I want

 everything in the middle in the middle center, so I click on it That this item is select is fine its text color to me

 It doesn’t apply. Sorry, it ‘s okay

 It should look

 like this roundness Yes, you can change the styles here too It

 controls the roundness of all these Select here the

 option of text will come on it After that we have an option to scue this table Be it on the side, below, above, there are different options, so you can choose from it Can do faster or more Did I change or did I change the table or column in the column?

 which is how you

 want to place this text i.e. in the middle If you do add, there is nothing in it, you wrote add

 It’s gone, well, after that, I got this one. It’s the color of it It has to be changed, but nothing has been written here yet I want to change the color as many things as I can I have to work on the specific sale as I like the sale So you can easily work on any cell you want

 I have written it here and here I have written it in Urdu I write it down

 If I write anything here, it gets saved here as it is So you must have seen that column which is often the first one You can make it for yourself, after that you have the option of sale If I want to make changes, you can do it easily Yes, from here I can change easily

 Row has been selected to see it has been deleted. What is column select?

 Options are available here.

 Burder, brownness, pedding and selected and from here I clicked on this

 are you can use.

 Well, you did it in this way Check the distance between them and control it here Its color is already written, I want to change it You can adjust the way you write me on the top right side

 From here you can change this through the burden color So whatever column it is, you automatically control it So they can change easily

 If you want to keep it a little more subtle , here it is are. And the way I change its color . Okay then

 If I want this tax, I will click on it, then the text of it If I do, everyone’s text will come in the center , after that ours You can change see if table is select if weight You have to make changes Row Select is I have to make changes like this Changed

 Distance is

 controlled by it. See it together I will click on it. Its background color is me It is done with the opacity option of this table If you have to change these weights are fine like this font To change is to keep red. Well , Red will come. Well you did Controlled is the

 option after that however much you in it If the usage is high or you make Ramadan calendar etc He will have to learn. Well, it has daily and columns daily to you If you want to make it flat, you have roundness from it You can see it has got red color border like this

 So they can also change the color of the text in this way you have changed If you click, then from here I want red color burden, then this Well, in this way , you have to change the color of the BG color If I want to make it, it will be made like this, full flat like this There are sides. 

So from here you can customize your daily and column There is an option burden color if your table has burden They can change. An option of align tax with it Does the roundness options from here on it a little like this No, but you have to understand it if the whole table is here There are time tables in all these temples You can put it in, take it out, and then create your own design if you want It has come to the top right. Whatever the tax is, it has come to the right If you want to change the entire table is selected, then change the phone can. Well,

 if you want to change a size like this Design will be given. It’s fine. So , when you come here, come often If there is select, its height, weight, font, i.e.

 height, height you have to change, ok then this one from this option I want this one, so I will create it accordingly If you want Designer, you will select it from here If you want a sample design, take it if you already have a pre The option of which is a ah complicated ah complicated ah a bit complicated In this you can use it is very easy no difficulty You can use it

 no problem but you Know which

 are like this from top to bottom and column by It becomes a beautiful design in your background Such a brush is

 used in Ga designs and its After you have used the brush , you have done option Now if you want to clear it, clear it all

 You can make a beautiful design with reasonable price .

 Something will be clear, we have the option of Table of Tables If you want to give a style, you can make it like this and apply it It is different in this way, check all one by one and see it

 You can go see it as I will so it’s as thick as you want Text etc. is written above, so you can also do it in this way See which brush is suitable for you

 There are different types, you can try it , what kind of brush do you want The size of the brush is good, this brush is also the size of your brush are on the background after you complete your design You can also change the color You can do that from here Whether it is a tool or a brush, we can use it

 The thickness of the pen or the thickness of the brush can be changed from here If you click on draw, then we have brushes ie It is very easy for you here now anything like pan etc has save at the top and then we have an option There is a border, it is saved and it is here in the layer You can

 write anything on it by hand if you want to write something will do

 In addition, its thickness can be made bigger and smaller If you want a bigger one, you can control it from here If you click

 on it, then the length of it You can extract any poem and add it to your design If you click on it, there are different types of poetry Well, I have to make it a little bit longer

 After applying, you call him from here and change it I can do that from here can do.

 And you can also delete it by applying it from here It is visible in the invisible and remains the same You can also resize it keyboard If

 keyboard isn’t about you, this one is After clicking, we get different types of borders Well then we have an option border on the border if we Apply this function to lengthen your text What is written in length is where it comes from You will get an interface like this , 

here you click on add new Well, but this is one thing you have to keep in mind when you do this If you want to write text, you can write your text here .

 Yes , you can find it by searching above with the help of your text If you want to take it, you can also duplicate it There is an option below which you can change the color If you want this function to work , you have to change his phone If you will write something by translating it in Urdu and in Urdu-Roman , won’t you?

 That’s the function that you’re going to go to right here After clicking on it like I have this a temple So you can use all these premium borders like I do But I clicked here on my folder . So if you have any Which includes premium and free if you are a premium user Another thing people often ask is that

 Means weak and big can do it well

 But I want to make a border, so this kind of border in the design Check out what I’ve enlarged the way I want it here

 You can use the keyboard to easily write anything from here If I want to use this one, I will click on it OK, so look

 at this, we can also write it like this, in addition to this A border has become OK I have made a design and this I will select from here , after selecting the image you have You

 can add text to a design here I can take it out and bring it here.

 Okay fine. Thus I on my flood If you

 write anything in English here, that is the option As I have saved this image with my help

 If you add it, it will increase its length a lot, that’s right That it will look like this . Look at it

 If I write text,

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 you have to write here if in English Yes, it will grow like this Here’s an option to slide it around a little bit As many as Zar Zubarab are, they are given here, you from here to him

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