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Urdu Designer || Class 6 || Graphic Designing Course In Urdu In Mobile Apps

  Ah, in this class you will learn what function it has and how we can use it. Well first of all if you turn on this app then you will see three options at the top. If you click on it, it has a home option. 

That is, this area is called home. This is the home of this app. From there you have the option of online tempress. When you click on the online template, from here you will have an ah window open with the online template. 

Online Template means the design or template design template that is manual on the net that we have added ah you use it by downloading. So ah this is called online templates, that is, this is a design, this is a template, you will add it, 

Mobile Phone App Graphic Designing Class 6 In Urdu Course

Urdu Designer  Class 6  Graphic Designing Course In Urdu In Mobile Apps


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If anyone has any question regarding Banega class, please ask An option is a selection box, not a selection box The option is there, you are very grateful for the movement you have moment is an option we have if we have a complete design Designing will

 make different types of posters can be made more ie less or more than it is ok how much

 I’ll click on it

 when we have it and it fits perfectly In today’s class, Inshallah , we will be doing proper designing from tomorrow Take the new size in a minute because this size difference is fine Can use Ezeli.

 From here I take one are. And if there is any shape, what options come?

 Lock it. Then the

 option we have is to Well, these options are coming to text. Okay fine.

 Any object

 with a background is exactly the same If you do, it will be exactly the same if you slightly

 Square Okay now I want exactly that to its corners Yes, I play numbers.

 If it is exactly equal to it, it is also square and it is also square Will see

 how it will be made accordingly You can copy and apply the effect to any other object

 After that we

 will go to regular designing If so, what options do you have? In this too, the same would be the case It does not move from its place . 

Often when we design If there is, God willing, tomorrow we will go to designing again The larger the selection box, the more successful you may be Well, I give it again schedule

 If we

 grasp something else, we remove it So if I click here, then click here on to paper What happens is that the other one also moves away from there. 

so it You can see if you tease him That is, if you have text, then this option is coming. If image Apart from that, we have two or three other options I said sorry

 about the copy effect, if the style is copy will go to means now we have seen all the tools that are there option is What we have read is the multi-style reading in the text If shape then you are getting same option then these things So if I select it and do lakhs of moments ie If you style it, its shadow will be copied like this Sheep.

 Let’s make the light blue.

 Lighten up a little more Let’s mix it up. These are different options

 Also this option is ours and after that it was also told It can

 be copied and applied to others, but this If I do, I can see what is happening on the screen There is no border on the image, the border is on what is there ie What would happen if I clicked on Lakh Movement from here ?

 The same option

 will come to you in shade, click on it Ah are mixing it will improve it one by one you different According to the background, i.e. according to this heart board

 It means there is a template, but here I edit it

Mobile Phone App Graphic Designing Class 6 In Urdu Course

 That which is applied to him will apply to him Can’t copy it like this , click on copy style here And it’s exactly the same so it’s an option that you ah through I had taken it and I have also told about the large moment Here I show you

 It can also be like that if you have a border The lights are also less visible and thus what happens in the light On normal, it’s fine. On multiply , select is not done I take another image in front of you

 After that

 , I told you about the flip flip here That is, if I am here for a minute , the background is here If I reduce it, you can see that it is visible from the white Okay, so what will you do if this kind of shadow is on him?

 What is that thing? So what happened to the chandelier So this is an effect applied to it, okay, like this I also have light ground on there looking kind of dark You can see that they are slightly visible in the light and in the dark If it is visible, then it is normal Well, in normal, everyone saw what would happen in multiplication on the screen The schedule has been applied. Here you can see the schedule If you click, some

 options like this appear I have told you about the style of copy

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