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YouTube Channel Analytic | Youtube Analytics for Other Channels | YouTube Course in Urdu

 YouTube Channel Analytic | Youtube Analytics for Other Channels | YouTube Course in Urdu

How to Add Watermark in YouTube Video | How to Create Watermark for YouTube | Video Auto Watermark

Earn Money from YouTube Channel 

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 YouTube Channel Analytic | Youtube Analytics for Other Channels | YouTube Course in Urdu

YouTube Channel Analytic  Youtube Analytics for Other Channels  YouTube Course in Urdu

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Hello friends! in this video tutorial your will lean about youtub channel analytic. Analytic tab in YouTube studio design all kind of youtube channel analytic and reports. 

After watching this video you can easily check analytic of your video and channel. 

YouTube Channel Analytic

Youtube Analytics for Other Channels 

YouTube Course in Urdu

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We can also see

 how many miles there are That is to say that ah they ah ah eighty three point seven percent such people It is completely free. And like the video , share it and more

 I will discuss all the things with you. This is what research means What is subscribed if we click on age and gender here In the next video, God willing, we will set up more YouTube channels I hope you have

 understood this Ah YouTube Analytics. to her can also. Excel sheet is fine. After that if it He did not go to the level, his authority is not so much that we all this will see. So hope you

 like this video

 There are those who have not subscribed to the channel but have watched the videos The title is not ah subscribed ie sixteen ah point three percent If there are, it will tell us mean how many views are unique how many views What we mean is up,

 down, up, down, up, down, up You can get notifications of upcoming videos . Will remember in prayers.

 How much is there on the content? It means that we are getting a whole graph All these things it will tell us and ah it will tell us here

Muhammad Shehzad Official YouTube Channel Subscribe to it to get every new After the content, as soon as we click on the content, 

this is what it is There are three videos which have received the most views. Okay fine.

 Complete Course Blogging Complete Course These are all their links which are in the list You will be able to select as much as you want and you will get the in-latex here.

 Things can be seen here.

 More on this inshAllah These are the videos that have received the most views. OK, two thousand We can also do an antic check from the customs . 

his For example, Ah, here I am if May. So this May If you click on the revenue, this channel means, oh, so high There are friends who have watched Ah videos and the channel All those things per mail we can see from here download Videos are not

 the most searched keywords The show will be happening.

 So if you want to do it at customs means by your own will You will find them in the description . Share with your friends If you click one thousand and two, see this . Two point one here

 There are those videos on YouTube. After that if we click on Audience If you like it,

 please like it, share it and YouTube it Is. As soon as you click on it, you will see your ah here If I change the last twenty-eight days to two thousand and twenty-two.

 That is, the last content that I have uploaded is the last video. And all And if you click on the view, then this is your original two forty-six views do not have. Okay fine.

 Below is a graph showing all this to you Two thousand twenty-two to five thirty-one two thousand twenty-two will apply If you click here. So all you have is as much as you I. The views that have come are being shown here . If I click here

 How to access the board was all the big stuff. 

So on to us today twenty in twenty two. Then it is ours. Latest videos Word will be doing our research here and there , they will also be showing here and there.

 You will

 select the month you select as many days as you wish The videos have gone viral. These are the ones that have received more views.

 Not one came in twenty-two. This restmate revenue also one Title no subtitle any one band ne ah any one video also all Dash for list content and dashboards shall be. In today’s video we will talk about YouTube By the way, how many return views are there and how many subscriptions are there? Okay fine. And has been of all things. 

After that in your two thousand and twenty two He will show all things. So in two thousand and twenty two I gave two All these things

 will tell us what they mean. We of our customs Views have come in two thousand and twenty two.

 Below means that it has not been worked on correctly and it is what it is So in these two thousand and twenty two, as many views as watch time as many subscribers Peace be upon you,

 friends, I hope you are doing well So we will write our own date here . Okay fine. This seventeenth of May How many views will watch watch time subscribe all here Those who have come in the last twenty-eight days. Okay fine. 

Twenty eight days These are the videos that have received more views than the top content of these two Thirty-seven percent of that is watch time. Subscribe two thousand Let’s talk about how to check Ananetic ,

 so it’s YouTube for you YouTube channel will be found. 

If you click on View. Fine Studio’s YouTube Studio’s fourth spot is getting your button How do we check the whole thing in the previous video we have shown on YouTube Good Bye.

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