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YouTube Earning Policy 2022 YouTube Monetization Policy 2022

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YouTube Earning Policy 2022

YouTube Earning Policy 2022 YouTube Monetization Policy 2022
YouTube Earning Policy 2022 YouTube Monetization Policy 2022

Hello friends! in this video tutorial your will learn about youtube monetization policy 2022. You need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time for enabling monetization on YouTube channel. Complete guideline regarding YouTube monetization is avail in video. 

YouTube Earning Policy 2022  

YouTube Monetization Policy 2022 

YouTube Earning 2022 

youtube monetization rates

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 Assalam o alaikum. I hope you are well shall be. Muhammad Shehzad welcomes you to the official YouTube channel I am.

 So friends, in today’s video we have YouTube Policies Will talk about. YouTube when we create channels. So in it What happens is that after creating a YouTube channel, we do not immediately earn Begins. Okay fine. We are targeted for earning.

 The target is 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. We tend to complete it within a year. So one After completing the year, we monetized the channel again Have to apply for So that too is a very simple method That too we will cover in the same ah course inshaAllah. his 

youtube monetization calculator

Then the monetization of what we have on our channel turned on Which will then start getting AIDS on our videos when If we get AIDS then we will be earning OK Google Adsense Throw then what is this one year system? 

That is, when we YouTube Let’s create channels. For example, we have two thousand January two thousand Made YouTube channel in 22. So we have until January 2323 To complete

channel monetization

 it is to apply for monetization That is, we have a target of one thousand subscribers We have to complete four thousand hours of watch time.

 If We do not complete. Most people do that when they have a YouTube channel They can’t achieve this target in one year Then they get upset. YouTube again after being upset Leave to work on. So that’s the best thing for them all

The method I am referring to is when a year is completed But we are not able to achieve the target set by YouTube.

youtube monetization check

 So what happens in this regard is not that we have to be approved again That ad ah not monetization ah that means we will not be approved The channel is not like that if we had January 2222 I have created the channel. 

And January, in the year 2323 Ten days have passed. So the first ten days will be ours What will be the watch time? That is, watch time means as many views as possible.

how to monetize youtube channel on mobile

There will be minutes, they will how to monetize youtube channel

all be removed, they will be removed That is, they will not be counted. So what happens when it Don’t be upset.

 The reason is that when you start Channel This time your watch time is very short. That is, you have one The second day of the video upload, no one knows yet Subscriptions are not the only thing. Then people don’t see what it is Your videos. 

When you will be a year. And at the end of the year I. 

Then your watch time will be too much. You someone No need to worry. Only your beginners will be Day one is a day above. So the first one day or ten days Are up. So what is the watch time of the first ten days?

YouTube channel monetization policies

 They will not be counted. 

So don’t worry about it Should. So in the next video we have more YouTube channel We will talk about presses and insha’Allah in this course We have created a YouTube channel to montise the process Will. Allah Hafiz will remember in prayers.

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