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Youtube Studio Playlist Tab | YouTube Studio Complete Course | How to Make Playlist on Youtube

 Youtube Studio Playlist Tab

 Youtube Studio Playlist Tab | YouTube Studio Complete Course | How to Make Playlist on Youtube

Youtube Studio Playlist Tab

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Hello friends! in this video tutorial your will about youtube channel playlist. Playlist on youtube is very important for video categorization. 
In this video you will learn complete details regarding youtube channel playlist.

Youtube Studio Playlist Tab 
YouTube Studio Complete Course 
How to Make Playlist on Youtube 

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Is. You can write up to five thousand words. 

Well then you must have been Here comes the nine waves . 

As much as this playlist Is. See this. Ah video no views so when we share its link You can also read it by clicking on these three dots So as I added it,

 this video is getting added to the playlist can. Okay fine.

 You can also read this playlist So, God willing, we will meet in this next video

 Add your videos to the list . His is that Ah Ur Friends, I hope you enjoy YouTube Studio’s Joe Playlist Category was created. This is one of Allama Iqbal’s videos

 What I would say is that you click on what it is Want to do either those who are ah title will be them here Want to redo it.

 If you want to add more to the playlist , do it yourself They can paste those who are there , but what I give you This window

 will appear in front of us.

 So we who add videos OK can. After that, if you want to write a description of it Will search. If we don’t want to do it, we’re out of here All those views will be showing.

 So after that if you on the pointer. So from here I click on add videos.

 He will have this entire show . Ah, it became three dots They will only get what is here . So you will know

 So you

Youtube Studio Playlist Tab | YouTube Studio Complete Course | How to Make Playlist on Youtube

 can also write description from here, etc. etc. OK I will come. Then you guys can add this one

 have been Click here for ad videos from here

 Ah session is play playlist tab you must have understood it.

 As there are different courses, the playlist is a YouTube course will How many people will view this playlist here is the views show A single link will become their playlist as well as a playlist link I have these three roads in front of you, from here we have a playlist If you want to add in it, you will be able to add it too. Such am So like this I

 clicked on crate see this Allama Iqbal You can set its visibility as you wish

 are. After that, if you want to edit it further

 It can be done within it, so if you want to add videos, ah If there are videos, if they come here, I would click on create here No one else will be able to see the playlist . This If you want, you will continue to do it from here . So here I am That this

 is our list in this folder Apart from coming at the third place in this list. That is, the list ah the list So he will be able to see. After that is the private private means you too will be able to see. No one else will be able to see it. In the playlist There are no videos in it yet. Well, ah, nine videos, nine How to share and

 tell him. So here you have one If you click on your list, whenever a user comes to the channel you see. So I would have written an Allama Iqbal Jo Hai here means that ah ah the same playlist we will share the link Allama Iqbal like this , write whatever you want now Views update today. Well updated today. So what is here?

 YouTube videos means if you are uploading videos of your channel We will share this link and we will share it

 After clicking here you have to write the title here and below These are related videos of logos, these are related videos of designing

 In today’s video discussing content , we play Ah YouTube Here are the related videos of the website I would flood the website if I keep posting videos Let’s talk about the benefits of YouTube playlists am

 For example, we add fifty videos to the playlist

 am After creating a playlist, add videos to it and then link to it Which will be created by us now we will see the entire setting. So You have to select the Visibility from Private to Public in the list Peace be upon you,

 friends, I hope you are doing well Allah Hafiz will keep it.

 things will happen. In folders the way I refer to IT is different Let me tell you that the playlist is one of our followers. our Whenever there

 is a sigh on the YouTube channel and that Watch our YouTube channel at different times separately Well, in this, that is, Ah Allama Iqbal Greater as much as the post or We will share so they can see our So that’s what we

 can do in the way it’s done It is visible. Ah right on New Pay List here you have to click.

 are and how it is made etc. So first of all, you There is a channel Alnoor Wale Official, so today I would make a playlist on it shall be. Ah, in the previous video , we covered the YouTube dashboard

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